6 Reasons Why You Need Dental Bridges & Crowns

Are you tired of regular visits to your dentist In search of a long-lasting solution for your decayed or missing tooth? On the other hand, the pain in your teeth may be causing you so much suffering. If you experience any of these teeth conditions, getting yourself dental bridges and crowns may be the answer. With bridge and crown dental treatment, you can get back to enjoying a pain-free life. Not to mention that it'll improve your smile so don't hesitate to get beautiful smiles by cosmetic dentistry WA.

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6 Reasons Why You Need Dental Bridges & Crowns
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Bridges and crowns are prosthetic devices fixed or cemented onto your teeth or implants by a dentist. They are commonly used to cover a damaged tooth. Your dentist may use the crown or bridge to deal with a variety of problems. Bridges are mostly beneficial in instances of missing teeth. It covers the space left by the missing teeth, and they are fixed to the natural teeth or surrounding implants. Dental crowns and bridges are popular in tooth restoration, where they have several cosmetic and restorative benefits. 

6 Reasons Why You Need Dental Bridges & Crowns 

Let's dive into why you should consider dental bridges and crowns for you and your family to fight off oral problems. 

1. Much more durable and versatile 

An average crown can last from 10-15 years, with their longevity being highly dependent on the patient's diet, their bite, and the care. Unfortunately, crowns are not permanent, and decay can recur or fracture. These old crowns need repla removing the decay. However, crowns and bridges are better, strong, and much more durable than other options such as extractions and fillings.

2. Aesthetics purposes 

Crooked and bad looking teeth can do a number on your self-esteem. Dental crowns and bridges can help fix these problems, allowing you to feel more attractive and confident when speaking, smiling, or talking. Since dental crowns and bridges are custom-made to meet your individual needs, such as the shape, size, and color of your teeth. They can help bridge up the gap on your teeth for a brighter smile. 

3. To fix a broken tooth 

If the tooth structure lost due to a cracked or broken tooth is great, a filling may not be the best option since it can lead to a weaker tooth. The reason is that large fillings can lead to fractures. A fracture can cause you extreme pain when chewing. Fractures are incredibly common in lower molars and premolars with fillings due to their proximity to the jawline. In such cases, a bridge or crown is the most suitable dental treatment to treat a broken tooth, restore the tooth's strength, and deal with the pain. 

4. Fixing a tooth with extreme decay 

A broken tooth with extensive decay and missing structure may not have good dentin and enamel to protect against further deterioration. Crown and bridge coverage may be necessary to protect the tooth from more degradation for several years. Crowns and bridges are quite beneficial in keeping cavities away because they prevent bacteria's growth in the cavity. Of course, these need excellent oral hygiene too. 

5. Fixing root canal 

If you have had a front tooth root canal, thereby, you must get a crown or bridge place because it's much more likely to fracture. Fractures on root canal treated teeth are generally non-restorable, which means that the only option is removal. If you had your root canal, you should only rest if you have a crown or bridge in place. A successful root canal without the proper coverage is likely to fall more often than one that gets a crown on top. 

6. To fix a tooth that prevents proper biting 

Sometimes a crown or bridge may support artificial teeth or natural teeth in restorative treatment procedures. A tooth or teeth may need lengthening or shortening to achieve the desired restorative goals during the process. Due to the grinding and lost dentition, you may get collapsed, and therefore, the vertical dimension may need to increase. Mounted bridges and bridges can help alleviate this problem.

Dental crowns and bridges are necessary for so many reasons. If you have any of the above problems, a visit to Brisbane Dental Implant Teeth can help you know where you stand. Crowns and bridges can help ease your dental issues in a less cumbersome and affordable way.


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