How To Pick The Right Wedding Invitation Company For Your Big Day?

Preparing for the big day is overwhelming, and it can leave you feeling all sorts of emotions. From wedding cake to dress to the reception area and everything in between, making these big decisions can spark the anxiety of anyone. But lucky for you, we have got you covered with one aspect of the wedding which is invitations. 

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How To Pick The Right Wedding Invitation Company For Your Big Day

Many people are confused about what to write in the cards and which style to choose. There are many details which go into the invitations. And since invitations have to go to the guests, it is the first impression they will have on your wedding. This shows how crucial it is. If you are looking for the best tips to create a dreamy invitation, keep reading!

Embrace your wedding style

The wedding style depends on the level of formality. If your wedding is contemporary, casual, and modern, then the invite should be glam as well to match the theme of the wedding and vice versa. The stationery to write down the wedding cards will be based on the theme too, which can be searched online.

Stay aligned with your budget

The cost of each invitation can go from $1 to $100 depending on all the parts that go into it. Decorations and custom designing are pricey, and if you add it to ink, printing, typeface, and quantity, the overall procedure will be expensive. So stick to your budget and priorities. Broad choices are elegant printing, multiple closures and custom designing. 

Select the paper

Three different papers are the most common in invitation papers; cotton, heavy card stock, and vellum. The second option remains durable in the delivery and is available in different colors. Cotton is expensive, but it remains the same for years, which means you can keep it safe. Vellum is transparent, and it's the best for direct printing.

Promote simplicity

The more simple an invitation looks, the more appealing it will be to the eyes. It becomes easy to read, as well. Only mention the most important details which consist of the people who are hosting the wedding, wedding date, area of the ceremony, the names of the couple, time, and the reception to follow.

Set the tone with the best wording

The wording is the actual substance matter of the invitation. The words should be chosen based on the style of the wedding. The wording will shape the tone of online wedding invitations. In case the parents of both partners are assisting in the wedding preparations and planning, talk to them, and ask if they have something to suggest for the wording. If your wedding is traditional, you can write the following words: 

Example 1: Mr and Mrs (insert name here) wish for your presence at the wedding of their son James Young to Katherine Leigh. 

In case your wedding is modern and casual, the following words will be best: 

Example 1: Together with their families, Kelly Morgan and John Regis invite you to celebrate their wedding.

Send it on time

With invitations, it is better to send them out early so that anyone who is out of the country or town can easily arrive for the wedding in time. As for people who host their marriage at specific destinations, 3 months is the optimum time so that everyone can adjust the travel plans. In the case of RSVP's ask for the replies at least 3 weeks prior to the wedding. You can do the printing of the escort cards, finalize the seating arrangement and decide the headcount in the meantime.

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