Best Beaches in South Goa

South Goa is indeed a haven for beach lovers, and if you still haven't explored and enjoyed the beaches in South Goa, you certainly are missing out on something. Once you are off from your Bangalore to Goa flight, all you end up doing is get yourself behind the wheel and drive around to explore some of these beaches and enjoy an offbeat adventure.

Best Beaches in South Goa, South Goa, Best Beaches, South Goa, Best Beaches in India, Goa, Travel
Keri Beach, Goa
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What is it about the South Goa beaches that make them special? Well, it is about the gorgeous mix of land and water that allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. You are surrounded by spectacular landscapes and sun-kissed sands. While the North Goa beaches are well known for their parties, the South Goa beaches are meant for nature lovers looking for peace and solitude.

Best Beaches in South Goa, South Goa, Best Beaches, South Goa, Best Beaches in India, Goa, Travel
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Here is a comprehensive list of the best beaches in South Goa

●Utorda beach – Utorda beach is a kind of a mix between rustic goodness and civilization.  This is a great beach for those looking for jet skiing or parasailing, as well as a bit of peace. During the monsoons, the beach looks dark and cloudy. 

● Cabo De Rama beach - This is a highly recommended beach for those looking for some time all by yourself. The beach is a bit rocky and visited by a few locals. It offers a really good swim, and you could even plan a picnic here. 

●Palolem Beach - If you're traveling with your family, then Palolem Beach is one of the best for you in South Goa. Here you can enjoy beach activities and water sports with your kids, such as surfing and boat rides. You can go bar-hopping, try beach photography,  or explore those restaurants. Palolem Beach is full of fun and frenzy! 

● Agonda Beach – Another beautiful beach in South Goa that is immensely popular among locals and visitors is Agonda Beach. The beach offers a good mix of eateries, shops, and great options to play for the children. There are chic boutiques, hip bars, and live music to enjoy here. 

● The Butterfly Beach - This is a beautiful and peaceful beach of South Goa beaches and a perfect spot for overnight camping or for a picnic. As it is accessible only by boat, you need to plan accordingly. The beach is simply loved by the locals and gets the name because of the lots of colorful butterflies you find here. 

● Cola Beach - Another popular beach of South Goa is Cola Beach. However, you need to take a small hike through the jungle to reach the beach, and once you are out of the jungle, you are rewarded with some extraordinary sight. The beautiful lagoon only adds to the attraction of the Cola beach. You could easily camp here for a couple of nights. 

●Betul Beach - Discover Goa's best-kept secret in Betul Beach, and one of the main attractions here is the lighthouse. Enjoy your stay at some amazing resorts and enjoy magnificent views of the Arabian Sea. Go for a quiet swim and walk along the beach that is framed with coconut and palm grooves. 

● Talpona Beach – Talpona beach is well known for its serene and peaceful atmosphere. It is very easy to reach the beach, which is close to the main city and boasts of several beach houses and resorts. You can stay in a riverside house and enjoy the views of the seas as well as peace and quiet.

The list of the best beaches in South goa could simply go on and on, but the above-listed options are few good names, to begin with. You can look forwards to a very warm and welcoming stay and spend some quality time with your friends, family, and loved ones.

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