Top 5 Tips on How to Save Money While Shopping Online

Well oh well! Who love shopping online? I’m sure many of us love to shopping online, including myself. Before I wrote this article, I just purchased 2 blouses online because I it’s on sale and on top of that I have a coupon to use. Alright! Since we all love to shop online, why not we talk about Top 5 Tips How to Save Money While Shopping Online. Why not right… because the more we save the more we can enjoy our shopping experiences. Online shopping is not new in Malaysia, but it is still growing.

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1. Compare Prices

How often do you compare prices before you purchase a product? Well, sometimes by comparing prices at different e-commerce website or online stores it helps me to make a better decision and I feel more satisfied after I did my checking and comparison. Especially when I am buying bigger items in terms of value I will definitely check a few website just to make sure that I bought at a best price. Nowadays everything is online and with just a few clicks we get the answers.

2. Shop During Sales or Clearance

Oh yes! This tip works for shopping online and offline also. So mark your calendar certain month all the e-commerce website will have massive markdown, season clearance and certain category of products on mega sale. Such as Electronic and Gadget Sales, Fashion Sales, Off Season Sales, Beauty and Cosmetics Sales and many more. I love sale, and nowadays I usually shopping more during sales. Sometimes I even tend to stock-up on the items that I use or consume daily when I find its really a good deal.

3. Use Coupon or Discount Code

This is the best and my favourite! Oh yes I am always searching, scouting and checking where I can get my discount code and coupons before I start my shopping or before I check-out. You know at Shopee promo code you can find the latest coupons, discounts, and voucher codes in Malaysia to help us save money while shopping online. Shopee is one of the leading e-commerce marketplaces, you can find shopee malaysia coupon codes to help online shoppers like us to save more money and create a better shopping experiences.

4. Leave the Items in Your Cart

I know this could be quite hard sometimes. But for those items that I think I can wait or live without at the moment, I would leave them in the cart for a few days. This is to avoid impulse purchase, you know we women can fall into the trap of shopping. Plus most retailers don’t like unclosed deals so there are chances that we might get coupons or discount or better deals or products the next day. So don’t rush. Remember this tip works only when you have an account on the merchant’s website and you are logged in when you leave your cart.

5. Free Shipping

Always check out e-commerce websites that offer free shipping. Usually they put a cap of minimum order value, which leaves you with no choice but to exceed your budget to avail it. To overcome this, you can either upgrade your membership or combine purchase with friends, so that your cart value is above the minimum amount.

Well here are the fuss free top 5 tips on how to save money while shopping online. Hope that we could save more money therefore we can use the savings to shop more. Some small steps can helps us to save more, why not. Have a great weekend ahead and enjoy your online shopping experience.

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