Spice Up Your Colombo Trip with These Must Visit Places

Sri Lanka is a country of rich heritage and tradition. People who visit this country or have visited on previous dates have exclaimed that one visit is just not enough to enjoy the beauty that is Sri Lanka, especially its beautiful capital – Colombo.

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Not to forget the Colombo is the commercial capital of Sri Lanka and it has been able to evolve itself into a major tourist place in recent days. Catering to the needs of tourists who are flocking from different parts of the world, Colombo is now well-connected to many major and minor countries. One can reach Colombo from any part of the world, be it USA, England, Dubai, and anywhere. 

You can get direct flights from the USA to Colombo, England to Colombo, and the cheapest flights from Dubai to Colombo as well. After making to the city of Colombo, there are many things that you should include in your itinerary list. Out of many places that you are making your visit at, a few have to be on the list like the ones shared below:

Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple
The very first thing that people associate Colombo with is this amazing Buddhist temple. If you want to experience history, culture, architecture, and religion, all in one place then this temple is the first place that should be part of your itinerary. It also has an amazing museum and library which houses all the necessary information concerning its evolution since its inception.

Beira Lake
If someone asks what lies in the heart of the city, the majority of the locals say about the Beira Lake. The entirety of the lake stretches over a distance of 1 mile and covers over 160 acres of land. It is also a site that has harboured the famous Colombo rowing club which has been in action for over 140 years now. If you wish to experience scenic beauty with a beautiful sunset, this place is a must go.

Eddanga Wetland Park
This wetland park is almost a new addition to the list of tourist spots in Colombo. This was primarily built and constructed by the Government of Sri Lanka to prevent floods and to improve the quality of life of the locals in the area. If you are visiting with your spouse, a stroll through this park can account as one of the most romantic things in your relationship.

Colombo is a place that surprises you at every step. From its picturesque beauty to delectable food, this place is definitely one of the most priced and amazing tourist destinations around the world.

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