Why E-sports will Likely Become Big in Malaysia

The concept of e-Sports in Malaysia is at a nascent stage. Statista says the country had about 180 professional players in 2021. This shows that the industry is experiencing a change, with top Malaysian players like xNova and Nothing 2 Say earning thousands of Dollars in a month. 

A 2022 survey by tech trends also showed that over 72% of the country's residents already knew about e-Sports tournaments in the first quarter of 2022. This showcases the level of awareness about competitive gaming in the country, accompanied by several streaming services and online betting Malaysia sites that ensure streamers and bettors can access these games and make money from them. Nowadays, many punters visit online sportsbooks to bet on e-Sports games and make money from the activities. While it is not yet as popular as mainstream sports betting, it is a form of betting that is growing in popularity in Malaysia and other parts of the world.

The growing popularity of competitive gaming in Malaysia is solidified by several trends, such as big data, cloud computing, and the internet of things (IoT), making it possible for players, audiences, and punters to enjoy the gaming activity. This article will discuss why e-Sports events and betting might grow more popular in Malaysia in the next few years.

5 Reasons Why E-sports Will Become Popular in Malaysia 

The Malaysian e-Sports industry is on its way to becoming a widely known competitive gaming industry. These are some of the reasons behind this projection:

1. They are Entertaining

While the sports industry is known for its beaming fame and loyal fans, the extent of the growth recorded in the e-Sports market is tied to its thrill and entertainment value. A study by Newzoo reveals that the industry's global audience will reach 532 million in 2022, that's even higher than basketball's 400 million yearly fan base. 

The entertainment provided to gamers is the driving force behind e-Sports' fame. The sector offers unpredictable games, thrilling moments, and exciting teams that draw the attention of different people to the industry.

2. They are Easily Accessible

You don't need to travel miles when you can stream on your devices and watch the games as if you were actually in it. Many competitive games like the League of Legends and Dota 2 can be played for free, and players can access these titles from the comfort of their homes.

Due to its live streaming services, anyone can access the games and partake in the fun. The primary engagement of competitive gaming is dedicated platforms such as Twitch, where people can watch tournaments and connect to gaming communities without stress. This fuels the growth of the industry. After all, there's no better strategy than a gaming community that has the chance to converse online.

3. E-sports are Social Activities

Before E-sports, gaming was associated with indoor and loner characteristics, as it was widely believed that gamers rarely interacted with the public. Now, the competitive gaming community has given players, enthusiasts, and audiences the chance to play, stream, interact and share tips with others.

This has boosted the image of the gaming industry, ultimately showing that gamers don't have to be loners and extroverts, as they can have fun and meet people too.

4. They Offer Professional Career Opportunities

Imagine earning money from playing your favorite game. That's how it is with e-Sports players. xNova, a Malaysian player, earned around $1.96 million from playing Dota 2 in 2021. Malaysian players are among the best-paid e-Sports professionals in the Asian axis, encouraging players to enter this race to win more money. 

It doesn't end with the players; numerous job opportunities are attached to these events. There are opportunities for engineers and coaches, game developers, data analysts, and more. E-Sports offers a vast range of career opportunities. 

The sector doesn't discriminate or set a specific age limit or experience requirements. You can be a rookie and make millions by simply being good at playing games. And while it's not been accepted as a competitive sport, e-Sports continues to offer players the chance to showcase their gaming talents and earn money while at it — a solid motivation for its budding talents.

5. They Create a Bridge Between New Technologies and Players

E-sports is a fusion of entertainment and technology. These tournaments are backed by developed technological innovations such as virtual reality, the internet of things (IoT), cloud gaming, artificial intelligence, sound effects, and 3D graphics that ensure everyone gets the best experience.

This allows streamers to view the game as if they were playing it, and players can also enjoy every bit of each tournament. Besides these, a premium internet connection also ensures nobody gets cut off from the game midway, providing the best gaming environment and experience in one go.

Final Notes

Malaysia is growing to be the Asian hotspot of e-Sports. EBN e-Sports City has already launched its 65,000 feet square facility and gaming venue in the country, promising a long-lasting gaming phenomenon.

If you live in Malaysia or you're visiting the country, you should consider its e-Sports activities. It doesn't matter if you watch or want to get more active by playing — the industry welcomes your spontaneity.

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