Swissline Cell Shock Daytime Brightening Power Cream Review

Recently, two new additions to Swissline Cell Shock White Collection, the Daytime Brightening-Power Cream and the Brightening Aura-Mask the power dual that counteracts dull and dry skin, fight pigmentation disorders and even-out skin tone for an incandescent complexion. Check out my review about the latest Daytime Brightening-Power Cream. 

Swissline Cell Shock Daytime Brightening Power Cream Review  Price List, Swissline, Cell Shock,  Brightening Aura Mask, Beauty Review, Beauty
Swissline Cell Shock Daytime Brightening Power Cream Review 

Daytime Brightening-Power Cream

The Daytime Brightening-Power Cream is formulated as a moisturiser that delivers hydration comfort to the skin in the day, elevated with protection factors that enable the skin to fight against pigmentation triggers and offers a remarkable optical correction to an immediate brighter and flawless complexion. 

I love the luxurious light-to-rich texture that provides instant moisture to my dehydrated skin. It also protects the skin from oxidation and urban stress for a resilient and healthier skin.  

Swissline Cell Shock Daytime Brightening Power Cream Review  Price List, Swissline, Cell Shock,  Brightening Aura Mask, Beauty Review, Beauty
The Texture: Cell Shock Daytime Brightening Power Cream 

Daytime Brightening-Power Cream Ingredients 

The main ingredients are Cellactel 2 White Complex, HD-White Complex, Antioxidant Daytime Complex, and Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root extract. 

Cellactel 2 White Complex is the signature Cell Shock White ingredient. The cellular bio-nutrients ingredient is combined with an advanced peptide technology, botanical extracts of Rumex Occidentalis and vitamin C to provide lifting and anti-wrinkle effects, correcting future pigmentation at their origin and lightening existing spots.  

The HD-White Complex is a formula of powerful whitening ingredients and antioxidants. It is delivered to the skin via a smart liposomal complex inhibiting tyrosine activity and offers antioxidant action on melanocites. 

The Antioxidant Daytime Complex is formulated with a natural source of vitamin C from plums (prunus domestica). The topical application of ellagic-rich ingredients provides an innovative path to fight oxidation. Irish Moss provides a daily surge of nutrients against daily aggressors and environmental stress factors. 

The Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root extract is an effective anti-inflammatory and anti-redness ingredient. 

Overall, if you are looking for luxurious effective day cream that can combat dull skin, dehydration, dark spots, and with feeling sticky or oily in your skin, I would recommend Cell Shock Daytime Brightening-Power Cream by Swissline.

Beside using the Daytime Brightening-Power Cream, you should combine with Brightening Aura-Mask to achieve a better and more radiant results. 

The Brightening Aura-Mask

Swissline Cell Shock Daytime Brightening Power Cream Review  Price List, Swissline, Cell Shock,  Brightening Aura Mask, Beauty Review, Beauty
Swissline Cell Shock Brightening Aura-Mask

The Brightening Aura-Mask is inspired by Swissline professional masks lauded at 5-star hotel spas such as Burgenstock resort in Switzerland and the Bvlgari Hotel in China. Therefore, the mask is an indulgent skincare product that renews and refreshes the skin to a glowing result.  It overturns dry, dull and blotchy skin with rebalancing action and permeating skin glow with prebiotics, AHAs, antioxidants and natural skin brightener.  

The gel-cream mask acts to brighten skin, reduces pore size and evens-out skin tone during its fifteen minutes application, delivering a smooth and pearlescent skin as a result. 

Custodio d’Avo, Swissline International Brand Director summed up the product as “the Brightening Aura-Mask is a heavenly combination of prebiotics, and antioxidants, together with an AHA and a skin brightener that will nourish and hydrate your complexion to uncover its radiance.”

Cell Shock Daytime Brightening-Power Cream Review & Price List

Cell Shock Daytime Brightening-Power Cream & Brightening Aura-Mask Price List 

The Daytime Brightening-Power Cream retails at RM688 and the Brightening Aura-Mask  retails at RM568.  Swissline products are available at over 50 Cheerful Beautique member beauty salons nationwide in Malaysia, including Energy Spa & Wellness at Great Eastern Mall (Ampang). 

For a list of Beautique members’ store locations, log on to or contact Swissline Malaysia at 03-2141 9928 / 017- 228 1468.  Swissline products are also available on web stores at


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