10 Ways to Make a Stand Against Child Trafficking

Child trafficking is a sad and unfortunate part of too many children’s lives. It’s a crime and it changes the lives of its victims forever. Although both boys and girls are victims of this grave injustice, girls are far more likely to be targeted and subject to gender-based violence, sexual exploitation and forced marriages. 

10 Ways to Make a Stand Against Child Trafficking
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1. Donate

Money is always needed to fund the work of organizations that stand up for child trafficking victims. Many of these organizations run schools, activity centers, rescue operations and more to give child trafficking victims a brighter future and more positive outcomes. Here are some effective child trafficking organizations to donate to that can make a difference in someone’s life.

2. Volunteer

Get active and volunteer with an organization that is working with child trafficking victims. Whether it’s collecting clothes, traveling to a place where trafficking is prevalent or helping to staff an event, there are lots of ways in which giving of your time can be impactful.

3. Talk About It

Don’t stay silent. Talk to your friends and acquaintances about trafficking. Tell people about the anti-trafficking organizations that are in your community. Share information and resources on social media like the DOJs initiatives to end trafficking.

4. Report It

If you see something, tell someone who can do something about it. If you’re concerned about a possible child trafficking situation, there are agencies to report your suspicions with. Spread the word that there is a National Human Trafficking Hotline that can be called to save a life and end suffering.

5. Shop Responsibly

Research companies before you choose to spend your money with them. There are many companies that exploit children for labor and other human rights violations. Not supporting them can put a dent in profits and draw attention to their business practices. 

6. Be in the Know

You can stay up to date on ways to be of help to child trafficking victims by signing up with different organizations to receive regular updates. 

7. Get Training

If you’re a teacher, health professional or criminal justice professional, there is training available that can help you be better prepared for helping victims. You’ll learn the signs, solutions and resources at your disposal to make a difference in someone’s life.

8. Get Political

Call your local government officials, send emails and write letters to your representatives. Make sure that they are aware that human trafficking is not an issue that can afford to be ignored. If you’re an organizer, invite them to public events. 

9. Know the Signs

It helps to know what to look for when attempting to identify trafficking victims. Those with unstable living conditions, runaways, and children living with adults with substance abuse issues are more likely to be victimized. 

10. Participate in Events

There are plenty of events that fundraise for anti-trafficking. There are bike rides, walks, marathons and more being sponsored to help raise awareness and fundraise for organizations and victims.

Regardless of how much you know about child trafficking, you can make a stand against it. There is plenty that you can do as an individual to improve the live of these victims who have had their childhood taken far too soon in such an inhumane way.

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