Shaker Kitchens are the Newest Luxurious Trend Among Householders

Has your kitchen become boring and bland? Are you looking for ways to make it look more bougie or lively? Look no more because the shaker style is here to transform your kitchen into a place you’ll gladly cook and relax. The shaker furniture and design were initially inspired by principles like simplicity and utility, with a touch of minimalism

Shaker kitchens are the Newest Luxurious Trend Among Householders
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As time passed, this kitchen concept has adapted to modern times, and now modern shaker kitchens, signature smooth shakers and luxury shaker kitchens are more popular than ever. Let’s see what makes them unique and how you can incorporate them into your aesthetic. 

Characteristics of the shaker kitchens

Although the purpose of shaker kitchens is to avoid clutter and have a reserved appearance, they can be adapted to any house design. Versatility and timelessness are combined with eye-catching designs while maintaining their most identifiable characteristic, the classically-portioned doors. Cabinet doors and drawers have a four-piece frame and are often recessed by a central panel. The original dominant colours are cream, muted green, pale grey or pink.

When choosing this style for your kitchen, it would be best to consider these basic tips:

Add deep colour (black or navy) for a dramatic yet simple look. You could contract the dark-looking units with warm tones of light wood, wicker or brass to your countertops (or vice versa);

Keep things simple. The shaker style is opposed to maximalism, which means you’ll want to minimise your decorations and choose storage that can elegantly hide your kitchen supplies. 

Implement open shelving if you prefer your appliances to show, as they’re both practical and act as decorative designs, especially when they’re painted in darker colours.

How can shaker kitchens adapt to your environment? 

Shaker kitchens are, more than anything else, functional, so you won’t have to worry about purchasing something that will make your life harder. However, when it comes to design, you can easily personalise them according to your preferences. So, here’s how to adapt shaker kitchens to your house:

For a modern look, you can choose units in colours of cashmere, dust grey, graphite, ivory and much more. These simple colours, accompanied by simple cabinet doors made of high-quality materials are available at Legacy Countertops, they will make your house look cosy and stylish at the same time. 

Shaker kitchens are the best for transitional designs as they balance traditional and modern elements. While the cabinetry style can look more classic, there are options for choosing contemporary designs made with a slightly bevelled edge. 

Traditional kitchens can also use the shaker design to emphasise their characteristics by having wood elements and cooler tones. 

The advantages of having a shaker-style kitchen 

No wonder shaker kitchens have returned in trends. They can be adapted and changed for any taste, but the design is not the only important thing. The shaker style is very low-maintenance because the layout is pretty basic and straightforward, meaning you won’t need additional supplies and devices to clean it in hard-to-reach places. This is one of the biggest advantages for families or people who frequently cook because nothing is more thrilling after a cooking session that takes ages to clean properly. 

Secondly, as shaker kitchen units are usually made of high-end materials (solid hardwoods, like pine, birch and maple), they’re long-lasting and stain-resistant. This means that once you own this type of kitchen, you won’t have to worry about scratches or hard-to-clean stains. And if you think the design might go out of fashion, know that shaker kitchens come in a range of colours and designs that, even if they’re simple, can provide sustainability and reliability. 

If you suddenly get bored of the colours, you can paint the cabinet doors and revive them easily. 

Finally, you won’t have to invest too much in this design, as their durability makes the shaker kitchen sturdy, so you won’t have to worry about repairs, fixes and other overall changes. 

Final thoughts 

The shaker style has been ageless for decades and is still the customer’s first choice regarding their kitchen design. It’s reliable, easy to maintain and lavish-looking, which is why you too should consider this design when wanting to make a change. While mostly straightforward, the shaker design can be luxurious and elegant. 


  1. cantik jugak shaker kitchen style ni. and the color macam earth color so rasa calm je dapur

    1. yes nowadays i also prefer mininalist design


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