6 Tips to Achieve a Slimmer Physique When Dressing Up

Everyone has different body types. Thus finding the perfect outfit that would suit your body shape is very important to ensure that you can look good and feel confident enough in your body. Unfortunately, belly fat is one of the problems that many women have to face – something critical that could affect our confidence level. It is so easy for us to feel insecure in wearing certain fashionable clothing – just because we are afraid that those clothing items can show our protruding belly. And thus, we end up only wearing the same clothing every time we go out.

6 Tips to Achieve a Slimmer Physique When Dressing Up
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If you are currently facing this problem as well, don’t worry! You can still dress fashionably even with belly fat. In order to enhance your body, you just need to be more mindful of your body type and choose a different style of clothing that can help to make your body look good. You should also follow these tips and tricks  below, and most importantly learn on how to be more confident in your own skin!  

Dark color clothing

Dark clothing won't only make you look elegant and simple, but it will also be very effective in making your body look much slimmer. If you want to hide your belly fat, you should opt to wear a dark dress or shirt instead of a lighter-colored one. There are a lot of great black outfit selections that you can find here. To make your clothing not so boring, you can mix and match your dark clothing with a statement accessory or a big tote bag with a bold color.

Corsets and shapewear

Wearing corsets or shapewear will be the ultimate strategy for you to hide your stomach – especially if you want to wear a bodycon dress. Wearing a corset underneath your dress won't only help to hide your belly, but it can also change your whole appearance! Your hips, for example, will look much slimmer. If you haven’t bought corsets undergarments, this is the green light for you to buy them immediately. Corsets are definitely the lifesaver for every woman to take full control of their tummy area and emerge with confidence radiating from inside.

Vertical striped pattern

Vertical patterned clothing can help to make your body look slimmer and taller due to its fabric cutting. This is very effective to create an illusion around your stomach, thus you don’t have to tuck in your breath to hide your belly fat anymore. You can just enjoy yourself while wearing your favorite clothing!

Wrap dress

For an event where you need to dress up formally, but at the same time not in the mood to use corsets underneath your dress – you can opt to wear a wrap dress instead. A wrap dress is usually adorned with a ribbon or strap on the belly. This additional ribbon or strap can help to disguise your belly fat. With a wrap dress, you can look chic and formal at the same time!

Layer your outfit

Wearing a jacket, blazer or cardigan can effectively help disguise a distended stomach as well. To be exact, using a layering technique to style your outfit can be effective to hide all of your fat and flaws. You can combine a tank top with a plaid shirt, or style a shirt with a knit tank top and complete it with a blazer. 

Important tips that you should remember if you layered your outfit, do not button your outerwear. If you do it, you will look too bulky - and it definitely won't work to your advantage!  

High waist jeans

For pants, you can opt to wear high-waist jeans instead of skinny jeans. High waist jeans can help to hold your bulging belly well - and thus you can freely choose what kind of tops you want to wear without worry. To make your high waist jeans look more stylish, you can wear a t-shirt and put a little of the front of the t-shirt into the pants. This will make your outfit look effortless but stylish - and at the same time, it can help to make your body look evenly shaped.

These are the ultimate tips that can help you to remain confident though you have belly fat. You should not have to compromise your style, just because you are embarrassed that you do not have toned abs or a slimmer body.  You can troubleshoot all of these problems easily with the simple tips that we have listed above!


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