TikTok #HouseOfCreators2022 Celebrates Local Creators & Content

TikTok, a leading destination for short-form mobile video, gathered top creators at the #HouseOfCreators2022 event on 20th October 2022 to acknowledge their continuous contribution towards making the platform one that inspires creativity and brings joy to all users. More than a night of creator spotlighting, TikTok also celebrated its second anniversary for #TikTokGuru, a locally-driven hashtag populated with content from enthusiastic local educators who want to share their knowledge on their respective niches and make learning not only entertaining but fun. 

TikTok #HouseOfCreators2022 Celebrates Local Creators & Content 

Since its establishment, TikTok has always been a platform that nurtures creative, authentic and positive content communities that are not only made up of users who consume and interact with the content created, but also creators who express their creativity using a wide array of in-app creativity tools. 

As a diverse and inclusive platform, TikTok has become a key source of entertainment, lifestyle news and knowledge sharing. Creators from various niches such as entertainment, gaming, food, beauty, education and more have also been creating more videos as well as owning and popularising hashtags. 

This was seen in the hashtag #TikTokGuru that has grown to become one of most favoured pillars within the Malaysian market, garnering over 18.8B views and more than 1M videos to date. Hence, more and more #TikTokGuru creators like @cikgudebbie, @iqbalahyar, @sir_asai, and @sirsyami_92 have been using the platform to educate users on topics ranging  across life hacks, school education, scam prevention tips, health and wellness tips, and more

"Creators are the backbone of the platform. The diversity of experiences, communities, and content builds connections and understanding through the shared language of video. That is why, more than just individuals who are passionate about sharing moments in their lives, we believe that our creators are also bridges that connect users from different backgrounds through similar interests, building a community on the platform. This is seen through the growing ecosystem of local content such as #SembangEntertainment, #MakanLokal, #BeautyHacks, #KakiGaming, #TikTokSports, and #TikTokGuru," said Darren Quek, Strategy Operations Manager, TikTok Malaysia.

"As a home for creative self-expression that nurtures authentic, entertaining content for everyone, our goal is to create the best user experience possible for all, including our creators. We hope that through the #HouseOfCreators2022 event, creators will be able to connect and inspire each other as they continue to create meaningful content for the TikTok community," he added. 

Echoing the concept of forming a community of like-minded individuals on TikTok, JE Pong, founder of GoYoung said, "It is our love for dance that brought us together. GoYoung started out as 8 individuals sharing videos of dance covers on our individual TikTok channels. Along the way, we discovered each other from the For You Page and have all been drawing inspiration from each other. When we eventually met each other, it was a natural connection, and the rest was history. Today, as GoYoung, we hope to inspire other dancers and form a larger community on TikTok." 

Dr Ben Gee, one of the top creators in Malaysia also added, "TikTok has been a platform for oral healthcare practitioners like myself to reach individuals beyond the place of practice. I am glad that TikTok has placed emphasis on educational content through hashtags like #TikTokGuru, #HealthCheck and #KekalSihat so that the community can learn about anything including oral hygiene and dental care from credible sources."

During the event, creators were given the opportunity to step out of their niches and explore trending TikTok categories such as entertainment, food, beauty, gaming, sports, and DIY through interactive activity zones. Guests were also treated to performances by local artists such as Dolla, Fatia, Gaston Pong, Amsyar Leee, Bunga, and GoYoung. 

Download or open the TikTok app today to check out the event highlights from #HouseOfCreators2022 and keep up with the top local creators like @khairulaming, @charmwasabi, @hanifloid, @sultan_riq, @drbengee, and more! TikTok is available for free on iOS and Android via the Apple Store, Google Play Store and Huawei AppGallery

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