Proper Sleeping Arrangements

As we get older, children's punishments gradually become adult pleasures: eating a healthy breakfast of oatmeal, staying inside all day, or sleeping for an hour or two in the afternoon. And even if we can afford it, without rushing anywhere, only on our day off, perhaps this circumstance and the limited availability of such pleasures make them desirable and joyful.

All these measures, such as a well-thought-out daily routine, competent organization of sleep, and organization of meals at a clearly defined time with a properly balanced ratio of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, keep and improve health, will increase the chances of success in the teen patti real cash game and can have a positive effect on your life in general.

Organization of gymnastics after bedtime

When we talk about gymnastics after sleep, we are not just about morning exercises. Instead, we are talking about any awakening and a smooth transition from rest to wakefulness because such gymnastics allows us to get toned up faster and, in principle, avoid weakness, lethargy, and brokenness.

This kind of lethargy and listlessness is dangerous because of reduced efficiency and minor injuries, sprains, and damage to muscle fibers, which is possible when we give a load to unheated, sedentary muscles. 

Why is it necessary to organize gymnastics after sleep:

  • To tone the nervous system.
  • Warm up and tone the muscles.
  • Prepare the musculoskeletal system.
  • Get a charge of vivacity.
  • Increase energy and performance levels.
  • Develop specific physical skills.
  • Work on prevention and correction of physical problems.

The last couple of points are probably worth explaining in more detail. First, physical skill does not appear "out of the blue" but requires regular, systematic work. Similarly, any corrective exercises should be done regularly, and then there will be results. And suppose it is still possible to subject a child to a particular regimen. In that case, the adult is the master himself and decides why he should not pump his abs again today or work on correcting his posture.

A few simple exercises may well be integrated into a set of activities performed immediately after bedtime, and the "cumulative" effect will work over time. You will be able to see the results. For example, to correct an O- or X-shaped leg curvature, doctors advise practicing walking on the inside or outside of the foot. Most adults have no time to do it, but it does not take long to step back and forth across the room after waking up. However, experts advise starting gymnastics upon awakening right in bed.

How to do gymnastics after sleep

  • The first stage is in bed (stretching, self-massage, raising the arms and legs alternately, and breathing exercises).
  • The second stage - walking (on toes, heels, outer and inner part of the foot, in place on a massage mat in socks or barefoot).
  • The third stage is rhythmic exercises (you can play music), imitating the movements of animals (Animal Flow).

Note that ignoring gymnastics after sleep is fraught with a decrease in performance rather than an increase in performance, as is initially assumed. The most progressive companies already have experience organizing their employees' daytime sleep—for example, the startup AskforTask. The company has created conditions for programmers to nap during the day, stipulating sleep time within 15 minutes.

As practice showed, after 15 minutes, none of the sleepers woke up, which is quite natural because the standard sleep cycle of an adult is from 90 to 120 minutes. After an hour and a half of sleep, the employees were still drinking coffee, washing their faces with cold water, and trying to cheer themselves up.

As a result, the successful startup began to slow down badly, and productivity dropped by more than a third. If the team completed up to 85% of tasks before the experiment, after six months of daytime sleep, only 55% of the studies were performed on time and to sound quality. 

However, daytime sleep is by no means the only way to give employees a rest during the work day. 

Organizing Healthy Sleep: The Essential Factors

To begin with, today we can offer you a comprehensive free course on "Healthy Sleep," which covers all aspects of sleep. In particular, why we need rest, what happens during sleep, the danger of not getting enough sleep, what kinds of sleep and sleep disorders there are, and what to do to fall asleep quickly and get a good night's sleep.

Many people are traditionally interested only in the applied part, namely, what to do to get a good night's sleep. So we offer you a short practical "squeeze" of expert advice, which can become a checklist to see if you are doing everything right to get a good night's sleep. It is beneficial if you have some sleep problems and can't always fall asleep easily, wake up quickly, and feel rested.

So, the factors that affect sleep quality:

  • Sleeping place: bed, mattress, pillow, bedding.
  • The sleeping area: the furnishings, soundproofing, lighting, and air temperature.
  • The physical and psychological state of the body.
  • Now more about each of the factors.

The bed

The bed should be comfortable and spacious, with a sufficiently complex and orthopedic mattress. It ensures that the body does not "fall" and that the spine takes a physiologically correct position. Ideally, the spine should remain straight, even when lying on your side.

The pillow should not be too high but not completely flat so that the neck is aligned with the spine. You can use not one but two pads or a long pillow to take a comfortable physiological position. In principle, some unambiguously "right" or "wrong" place for sleep does not exist. Comfortable and valuable, from a physiological point of view, the position can be found on the back, side, and stomach.

By the way, sleeping on his back need a second pillow, which should be put under the bend of the knees.

Of course, the bed linen should be clean and changed at least once a week. In summer, it is better to use cotton or silk linen, and in winter - linen because it retains heat better.

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