Hair Trends for 2023: Get Ahead of the Pack

Hair trends come and go, while a few classics are always evident, many hair styles come back every few years before dropping out of sight until the next cycle. We asked a few well-known fashion designers about up-and-coming styles and this is what they said.

Hair Trends for 2023: Get Ahead of the Pack
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The wet look – The wet look oozes sexuality and confidence and this is perfect for slinky fabrics; there are many hair gels that give you that glossy sheen, plus the extra weight is welcomed if you have fine hair. The chunky, macho look cries out for shiny hair and whatever your colour and hair type, you can experiment with different gels and other products and find the right combination. 

Ponytail – Check out these dark brown human hair ponytails from a leading online retailer, which means you can go for the ponytail look for that party at the weekend. Human hair can be heat treated and the product comes in a range of lengths, shades and textures. Clip-in ponytail extensions are so easy to wear and the supplier’s website has a free colour match service.

Side parting – More and more women are parting their hair on the left side and sweeping the hair over the head for a pronounced parting line; hair extensions can transform this style, while braids can also be incorporated for a cool party look. This style was first seen in 2021 and it has steadily gained momentum and is very popular with women of African descent. Click here for how to choose an evening dress.

Hair extensions – The very long look is in and with online retailers of all things extensions, you can try out a few different textures and lengths. Made with human hair, the extensions can be treated like natural hair, with tape-in, bonded and clip-in options. Heat can also be applied and no one would know that you’re wearing extensions; tape-in extensions can be left for a couple of months, while clip-ins are easy to attach for that instant long hair look.

Braids – Whether real or artificial, braids are definitely all the rage in 2022 and that will spill over to next year. Of course, a lot depends on the fineness and type of hair, but if your hair is long, braids are an option. You can buy a wide range of clip-in braids, with every shade available and different lengths. 

Check out the top fashion mags for more information about popular hairstyles and see what you can do with what God gave you in the hair department. It is important to maintain your mental health as we are still in the grips of a pandemic.

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