How to Bring the Kids on an Anniversary Trip to Turks & Caicos

Ahhh, the perfect anniversary trip — the perfect romantic getaway. An all-inclusive luxury resort, white sandy beaches, and pristine azure waters are just some ingredients required for a romantic anniversary getaway. But add kids into the mix, bringing a whole next level of challenge into the equation. 

How to Bring the Kids on an Anniversary Trip to Turks & Caicos
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Despite the challenges of taking your kids away on holiday, vacationing as a family leads to those lifelong cherished moments you'll never forget. But let's face it, bringing the kids on a romantic anniversary trip doesn't exactly go hand in hand. Thankfully, there are some tricks you can use and resorts that cater to exactly this. Let's discover how to take the perfect anniversary trip to the beautiful islands of Turks & Caicos for your next anniversary vacation with the kids.  

Pick the Perfect Location 

If it's crystal clear waters, pristine white sands, and a relaxing beach resort you're after, this chain of 40 Caribbean islands provides precisely that. A British Overseas territory, just a skip away by plane from the eastern US.  

Hundreds of places across the Caribbean could serve as the perfect base for your kid-friendly trip, but Turks & Caicos is a tough one to beat. It's no coincidence the islands are some of the most popular in the archipelago. 

Get Planning 

When you have kids, that romantic anniversary getaway or jetting off spontaneously to the Caribbean is tricky. And you don't need us to tell you how complex planning any trip overseas is with kids. When you throw kids' clubs, sports, friends, and the dreaded school calendar into the mix, you've got a task on your hands before you've even logged onto Skyscanner.

However, with some thorough planning, you can create an incredible vacation. Whats more, you can discover the best flight times, the perfect location, ideal resort, and ensure you don't break any school policies with Turks Tour Company.

All About the Room 

The perfect room should be a given for any anniversary trip; beautiful, clean, comfortable, and perched a stone's throw from the sand, all those added amenities make the trip of a lifetime. But with kids, you need to pay even more attention to the room. Consider booking a separate room at an all-inclusive; one for you and another for the kids, or at least a room split into two bedrooms. 

This added bit of freedom will give you some well-deserved privacy after bedtime. Without a little privacy, an anniversary trip isn't an anniversary trip. Once the kids are in bed and tucked in for the night in their room, you can restart on your own for some romantic relaxation time. 

Friends & Family?

We know, we know. Jetting off with your extended family and friends isn't exactly romantic, but hear us out. While you'll have to share the experience with more people, and it may not be as relaxing, this trip can free you up and lead to spending more time together sans kids. 

By taking turns to look after each other, kids, you, and your friends can score a night off for the two of you. While you may have to return the favor on another night, this gives you an entire night to book a fancy restaurant, get pampered and enjoy a little slice of mom and dad time, and still get back in time to kiss the kids good night. 

Choose a Kid-Friendly Resort 

Another critical aspect of booking the perfect anniversary trip is choosing the ideal resort. You'll need to choose a kid-friendly all-inclusive, but ensure it has excellent amenities, a kid's club, and enough activities or be near things to keep the kids entertained while you both relax and enjoy your well-deserved downtime. 

The most important aspect of a kid-friendly trip, duh. But choosing a kid-friendly resort that caters to your youngsters to make their trip enjoyable and makes your lives easier are two ingredients for an unforgettable Caribbean getaway.  

Combine Romance & Activities 

Why not keep the kids entertained and make it romantic at the same time? While the two don't go together traditionally speaking, there are plenty of opportunities to join those special romantic moments while the kids run around you having fun. 

For example, let the kids play on the beach and run wild while you sit back and sip cocktails from your beach blanket. Or take them on a short hike to watch the sunset? They'll likely end up on your shoulders, so choose an easy trail. 


Combining a romantic anniversary trip with a family vacation has never been easier than right now. The Turks & Caicos islands provide the picture-perfect base, while Beaches Resort takes care of your comfort and convenience. So whether you're looking to experience the feeling of a Turks and Caicos beach wedding or coming to re-ignite that day with an anniversary trip, Turks & Caicos could be the perfect destination for you, your partner, and the kids. 

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