Hockey Toronto Maple Leafs Team: Another Great Season

Toronto Maple Leafs Still Pull Off a Great 19/20 Season. The Maple Leafs may not bring the Stanley Cup title home this year, but they are still competing and holding their ground well in a competition-heavy 19/20 hockey season.

Hockey Toronto Maple Leafs Team: Another Great Season
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So far, things have been looking pretty well for the Toronto Maple Leafs. The team is standing quite well in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference. After 36 wins this season – of the time of reporting – the team seems well-poised to pull another successful performance for the 19/20 Season. Yet, just like the spin of a slot, nobody can really be sure what the next few games will bring. Speaking of slots, they are quite unpredictable. We recently read pertaruhan live to learn a thing or two about the volatile nature of these games, and we were quite pleasantly taken aback to see the similarities.

Toronto Maple Leafs’ Standing in the Atlantic Division

You see, hockey is no small amount of luck. Even a great team such as the Toronto Maple Leafs do realize this – for more than one reason. That’s why Rielly recently said that the team has a lot of hard work to do. While their line-up remains strong, the Leafs are still faced with some of the league’s toughest opponents.

That includes the Lightning and the Bruins, all of whom are vying for the top spot. The Bruins are really pulling ahead, though. The team only has 14 losses, which is the lowest in the league, but their OTL is 12 – way above most other teams in the league. The Leafs will have tough games versus both teams.

What matters though, as Rielly presciently remarked, is for the team to keep working on their game. They are in a position that puts them in good standing, but that can change very quickly. Every loss would give the Panthers a chance to catch up.

Both teams have scored rather convincing victories against the Leafs as well. Take, for example, the Lightning which beat the Leafs 7-3 and then the Bruins who also managed to secure a 4-1 game. The top two spots of the standing always come with their fair set of challenges.

While true that there is a lot that can determine whether a team wins or loses, the Leafs believe they can put a lot more effort into tackling the group leaders. In the meantime, one question remains as important to fans as ever – can the Leafs actually secure The Stanley Cup in the 19/20 Season?

Will the Stanley Cup Go in the Way of the Leafs?

It’s been an interesting season, and the Leafs have definitely not bulked under pressure. Yet, there are many moving parts to take into consideration, and they all seem to be quite important.

For instance, while the Leafs can rely on both the Bruins and Lightning to underperform, that’s not a reliable way to play and perform by in future. With this said, the far more convincing thing to do is to make sure the Leafs themselves reach the performance necessary to contest the Stanley Cup.

But even if Stanley breaks into the final, they are not likely to win the Cup this season. True, fans have been aching for a title for years now. Unfortunately, in their modern history, the Maple Leafs have not been so lucky. In fact, they last won was in 1967.

But this season shouldn’t be about winning the cup but whether the team can consistently improve on its performance. Given their current performance, you can tell that they have been doing their very best to try and often that’s what it takes to move things ahead.

No, the Leafs won’t bring a Stanley Cup home this year, but this doesn’t mean they are too short of success either. As fans of the Leafs, we can’t help but cheer them on.

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