The Most Popular Hairstyles You’ll Find at a Salon Near Me

There are several different trends that we can look forward to in 2022. We'll look at braided hairstyles, layered haircuts, and long bobs. Regardless of what you choose to wear, these styles are sure to be in style next year. And if you're not sure which one will suit you best, we've listed the most popular hairstyles that are sure to turn heads.

The Most Popular Hairstyles You’ll Find at a Salon Near Me

Braided hairstyles

You can choose from goddess braids or box braids for an effortless look. If you're looking for an edgy look, try a braided bob with two different kinds of braids. Alternatively, try an upturned chunky bun ( It can be as cute as a crown updo. The trend of braiding your hair is not going away anytime soon.

Braided hairstyles are also an excellent option for the summer months. Goddess braids are very popular right now because of their ease of maintenance. They last for a couple of weeks, reducing daily grooming time. These styles can also be used to create other types of braids. 

Some of these include box braids, cornrow braids, Ghana braids, beaded braids, and other styles. There's also an endless variety of braided hairstyles. For spring and summer, bright yellow beads are a great way to spice up braids. You can also opt for clear beads for a modern twist. Clear beads can be added to braided styles of all lengths and colors.

The possibilities are endless! And of course, you can mix and match colors and styles. Beaded braids can be both elegant and fun. They are a great way to spice up any style. The French braid is another braiding style you can try this season. This braid style is more difficult than it seems. Instead of one braid, you need two.

To create a French braid, twist two sections of hair in opposite directions and twist them together. After that, you need to tie them together. To make the braid look more intricate and trendy, try alternating the strands of hair. You can even combine the braided hairstyles to create a completely new look! 

Layered haircuts

Another one of the most popular hairstyles of 2022 is the layered haircut. Taking elements from the shag and pixie, it is a hybrid style that can be adapted to fit an individual's face and hair texture. Another '90s trend that is getting a second wind at Primp Full Service Salon is the eternally-popular, heavily-layered cut. Hailey Bieber is a celebrity who has mastered the art of gradually framing her face with layered hair.

This hairstyle is great for highlighting facial features and making styling easier. While loose curls tend to hang evenly, this hairstyle creates a look that is full all the way down. It will also look voluminous even when air-dried. Layered hair will be low-maintenance, and it's a great option for those with thin hair. A quick trim every two months is recommended, though, unless your hair is especially dry.

Layered haircuts can be quite tricky to style, but if you have the basic hairstyling skills, you can try it yourself. Try using a flat iron and curling iron to curl your hair tips. You can also use a hair stretcher to make your hair look flattering. The beauty of layered hairstyles is the volume. This is why they are a great choice for people with all hair types and lengths.

Short asymmetrical cut

The asymmetrical short bob is the hairstyle of the moment. This asymmetrical cut creates a sleek look that reveals the stylish hues of the hairstyle. Asymmetrical haircuts are perfect for women with round faces because the cleanly shaved sides create a face framing effect. 

Asymmetrical short cuts look best when they are styled differently. Lucy Hale, for example, has a side-swept asymmetrical haircut like these. You can achieve a precise side part by using a rattail comb. If you prefer soft romantic curls, try a side-swept style as this can look pretty but also spunky.

To finish the look, use a medium-hold hairspray. You can also use a curl-enhancing cream to add hydration and texture. This asymmetrical cut is a great choice for women who are confident with their hairstyle. It elongates the face and draws attention to the eyes. Asymmetrical cuts also look great on pale skin and those with a short face.

They are easy to style and can work for a variety of occasions. You can also choose to go au naturel or a deep chocolate shade of brown to accentuate your skin tone. Also, consider an asymmetrical cut as it can be as dramatic as it is androgynous which works on almost everyone and is a very “in” fashion and social choice, as of late. 

Long bob

This trend is great for women with fine hair and is easy to maintain. The long bob looks good on all face shapes and doesn't require a lot of upkeep. This look can be messed up with side bangs to add a bit of personality to your hairstyle. It's also an excellent choice for busy women, because it flatters most face shapes. To keep your long bob looking good, use a hair care product designed for this style.

This style is a mix of a pixie and a bob. It has layers and is versatile enough to flatter your facial shape. Layering the strands of hair will create a fuller feeling. A short bob will work with this style, but will look even better when freshly tousled. To keep it looking its best, use a lightweight conditioner or leave-in conditioner.

Another style that will be trendy this year is the stacked bob. This is an unconventional cut that keeps length on the top while letting the rest of the hair fall to the sides. Creating layers at the top is also a great way to give your hair texture. A center part will also keep your hairstyle from looking boring. A center part adds a little extra height to a simple bob style.

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