Travel Bandung Jakarta Route to Visit These Temples

Travel Bandung Jakarta has always been the main destination for traveling. There are various tourist attractions available in Bandung and you can easily reach the destination by buying bus tickets online. Apart from food stalls and parks, the Bandung Jakarta travel route also has a number of temples. 

Travel Bandung Jakarta Route to Visit These Temples
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As a country with various beliefs, Indonesia also has many places of worship. Therefore, take advantage of Bandung Jakarta travel route by visiting temples. The temple is a building erected for Buddhist or Confucian religious activities, such as temples in Indonesia. Traveling from Jakarta to Bandung will be more meaningful because it will increase knowledge about this place of worship. 

Are you looking forward to book bus tickets online for Bandung Jakarta travel to visit some temples? Take a quick look at the complete details regarding Jakarta Bandung travel prices and bus tickets and more: 

1. Xie Tian Gong Temple 

Travel Bandung Jakarta route is the best for vacations. Vacationing in the Flower City by visiting the Temple Xie Tian Gong is guaranteed to be fun too, you know! So, Jakarta-Bandung travel is full of Chinatown's historical heritage. The buildings such as shops and houses here are still in the Chinese style. There is also a temple or place of worship called the Satya Budhi Temple. 

This temple easily accessible on the Bandung-Jakarta travel route will be crowded just before the Chinese New Year or Chinese New Year Celebration. Enlivened with burning incense, hanging lanterns, and people who come to pray. Visitors are also not charged the Jakarta Bandung travel price, aka free. But you must be prepared with the money to buy food or drinks to keep your stomach filled. In addition, you also need to prepare a bus ticket budget & check bus ticket prices for the return trip after traveling from Jakarta to Bandung by ordering bus tickets online. 

2. Japanese Temple at Travel Bandung Jakarta 

After ordering a bus ticket online to Bandung, you must consider the Jakarta Bandung travel route to visit this unique Japanese temple.It is a replica of a temple in Japan, the Fushimi Inari Temple that you can visit in Bandung. Interestingly, in this area, there are Japanese miniatures such as waterwheels, houses, and shrine gates.

For those of you who like Japanese culture and natural scenery, you will be very entertained by coming here after buying bus tickets online. You can also rent a typical Japanese kimono and take pictures at some exciting spots The price for this Jakarta Bandung trip ranges from Rp. 20,000 to Rp. 30,000 depending on the day of arrival. 

You don't need to bother planning your Bandung Jakarta travel because bus tickets & bus ticket prices can be obtained easily online. Check the bus ticket prices for the Bandung-Jakarta route on redBus. A standar ticket will cost you from IDR 65,000 to IDR 185,000 depending on the type of bus and amenities you choose to travel Jakarta Bandung and vice versa.  

In addition to traveling from Bandung to Jakarta, there are several places where there are temples in Indonesia. For example, Borobudur and Prambanan temples in Yogyakarta and Dieng temples in Wonosobo. You can quickly go to various temples in Indonesia by ordering bus online tickets. 


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