How to Order the Right Clothing Sizes When Shopping Online

Online shopping is one of the biggest perks of living in the 21st Century. Millions of people around the world turn to online commerce over physical storefronts. You can get almost anything online these days - groceries, pet essentials, clothes.

How to Order the Right Clothing Sizes When Shopping Online
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However, shopping for clothes online comes with the risk of purchasing the wrong size. Size labels for clothing make it easier for retail workers to find the correct product quickly. But what can consumers do to ensure they are ordering the correct size when clothes shopping online? 

Know Your Measurements

Just because you always fit in a size small doesn’t mean that’s the size you should purchase online. Sizings run differently for various retailers, especially if you’re purchasing from overseas. The best way to ensure the clothes will fit is to take your own measurements with a tailor’s measuring tape.

Be Realistic

Most of us do not have the body of a model. That cute outfit that looks great on someone that’s 5’9” and a size 1 might look less cute on a different body type. While many online retailers are inclusive in their sizing, it’s important to consider if the outfit is right for your body. 

Another thing to consider is coloring. Will that shade of pink make you look washed out? Online shopping doesn’t include the criticism of harsh overhead lights that prevent many ill-fitting purchases.  

Use the Size Guide

Online retailers often provide a sizing guide on clothing. The guides can range from a chart to an interactive feature where the consumer inputs their height and weight to find the right size. The chart often includes the US-size counterpart if the online retailer is from the UK. 

Brand Loyalty 

If you’ve found a pair of jeans that fit just right, consider shopping exclusively for jeans at that retailer. A size 10 pair of jeans in one store may be a size 8 or 11 in another store. You may find staying loyal to the best-fitting brand easier than trying another retailer.

On the other hand, you’ll never know if other retailers have the perfect fit for you if you don’t try their clothes. 

What Do the Reviews Say? 

Over 75% of online shoppers read online reviews. While the majority of reviews might be generic complaints or praise, some of them might interest you. When describing their shopping experience, reviewers might mention how accurate the store’s sizing chart is. 

For example, you may have your eye on a cute t-shirt only to read a review cautioning other shoppers that the size runs small and to size up.  

Can You Return it?

Most online and mortar stores have some type of return policy, but it’s not a given. Before making online purchases, peruse the return policy to see your options. One drawback to online shopping is the time it takes to return clothing that doesn’t fit and receive a replacement. 

Online shopping is meant to be a convenience to consumers. Be sure to consider the above tips when ordering clothing online. 

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