Here's When You Should Dry Clean Your Suit

Dry cleaning professionals are heaven-sent for people who wear suits more often. Suits can be one of the most expensive garments in your wardrobe, so knowing how to care for them is a must. 

Here's When You Should Dry Clean Your Suit
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When to Dry Clean Suit?

Manufacturers have a reason they place a “dry clean only” label on suits. Washers are its fabric’s worst enemy. You cannot attempt to do the process by yourself, only dry cleaning professional can treat your clothes properly. 

If you rarely wear your suit, you can dry clean it once a year. But, if you frequently use suits daily, you do not have to clean them more often or else you risk your suits severely damaging them. 

So when do you have to bring your suit to the dry cleaners? 

If your suits are caught up with food stains or wine stains. Do not attempt to pre-treat the suit. What you thought is helpful to your suit might damage it. Instead, bring your suit to the dry cleaner as soon as possible.

If your suit begins to have an unpleasant smell, it is time to bring it to the dry cleaner. 

If you do not wear your suit and it only stays in your cabinet, dry clean the suit once a year for maintenance.  

Lastly, dry clean the suit as a whole. Do not bring only the top, even when it is the only one with a stain; avoid dry cleaning the jacket only. You should dry clean the whole suit. Dry cleaning makes the suit shine or has a slight difference in its color. Imagine if your suit jacket is brighter than the pants. This can be noticed easily.  

Look for an eco-friendly dry cleaner and ask about the process of their service. A reliable and professional dry cleaner appreciates inquiries and answers them happily. 

What to Do Between Dry Cleaning Visits?

You do not have to bring your suit to the dry cleaner often. Skip a few visits; frequent trips to the laundry service East Village for dry cleaning can damage your suit. Here are a few things you can do in between dry cleaning visits: 

Brush off any dirt or particles clinging to your suit. Do gentle short, quick strokes against the cloth grain.

Freshly steam suits to remove wrinkles. Do not forget to set the setting to the lowest heat. Heat may damage your suit if not set to the right heat setting.

Hang your suit for a day or two. Rotate wearing your suit with your other suits. Make sure you use a sturdy hanger and empty the pockets to avoid wrinkles, creases, or misshaping your suits. 

Whether you wear an off-the-rack or custom-tailored suit or rarely wear a suit, this knowledge is still essential. Remember, do not dry clean your suit separately. You can inquire from your local dry cleaner if they offer laundry pickup and delivery service or do in-house dry cleaning. Moreover, do a background check of the dry cleaner before entrusting your clothes.

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