Why Choose Solar Energy Over Fossil Fuels?

Thanks to advancements in solar energy, homeowners have a cleaner way to get electricity and at increasingly lower costs. While coal, oil, and gas are the most popular fuel sources as an alternative, burning fossil fuels is not good for you, your family, or our planet. 

If you've ever considered solar power, or are keen to save money and better the climate of Earth, then read on to find out just how transformative it has become and why it's worth choosing solar energy over fossil fuels. 

What's the Difference? 

Solar energy is the opposite of gases in that it is renewable. It can never be dried up, overused, or depleted. 

Fossil fuels, like coal and oil, are used for many functions today. The issue is that fossil fuels are non-renewable. Fossil fuels take thousands of years to form. They derive from prehistoric animals and plants that the earth has covered over long periods. Once we've used what we have available, we will have depleted this planet's supply. 

Solar power uses photovoltaic panels that convert light from the sun into electricity. The solar panels create direct current, and an inverter changes that into alternating current, storing the energy in a battery or power station. 

The Benefits for Homeowners

There are many benefits to this renewable energy source. The ones below are just the tip of the iceberg!

The Freedom of Choice

Many types of solar power options exist, including solar panels, power stations, solar generators, and even portable devices. If you need power on the move, look for the best portable power station. The abundance of solar technologies means you have freedom of choice.

Energy Independence

With so many choices, it's not just your devices that you can choose but also how you source electricity. It means no more reliance on the grid and utility providers raking in profit at your expense.

Low Maintenance

Another attractive feature of using renewable energy comes from the cost-saving element. Once you have installed the technology, maintenance of solar panels is easy. They can last for 25 years without you having to spend another penny. 

The Effect on Our Planet

Using gas negatively impacts our climate from the beginning to the end. Extraction of the gas involves drilling or fracking, which requires injecting large quantities of water into cracks in the earth beneath the surface. All methods hurt the climate. Drilling often results in dangerous greenhouse gases leaking from wells and pipelines. Fracking is often unregulated and can contaminate our water supplies, putting populations in danger. That is just the beginning of the process.

Energy harvested from burning fossil fuels emits around 33 billion tons of carbon dioxide from electricity emissions yearly. CO2 levels increasingly affect the warming of our oceans, the pollution of our air, and the instability of wildlife habitats. 

The fantastic news is that solar energy releases zero emissions. Of course, there is an amount of CO2 released in the manufacturing of solar panels, but the process is short, and the impact is far less than that of fossil fuel-derived energy. Essentially, the impact does not override the positives of solar power when considering the whole cycle from start to finish.  

An Easy Decision

The benefits of solar power will be with us forever. Better yet, new technologies will evolve, making it even more affordable. Hopefully, these advancements will see more people harness solar solutions.

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