Unique Places to Visit in Dubai with Friends

Go on a spectacular Dubai tour with your friends, and make some brilliant lifetime memories. You can marvel at some of the world’s best architectural marvels. The futuristic city never fails to impress its visitors with its consistent developments and wonderful creations. Don’t just stick to the glitz and glamour; explore the various angles of Dubai. From leisurely activities to spine-chilling rides and sports and shopping to delectable cuisine, you will be splurged with choices. You can take a city tour or a cruise for an immersive experience. Click innumerable photos and capture happy moments with your friends.

Unique Places to Visit in Dubai with Friends
[image: pexels by ZQ Lee]

If you are curious to know more about the tourist venues in Dubai, you will find the following list of 5 unique places to visit in Dubai with friends handy:

1. IMG Worlds of Adventure: You are welcome to the world’s largest mega-themed indoor amusement park. It is open all year round. You need to select your package beforehand. This will ensure hassle-free touring of the entertainment destination. Spend more than 3 hours in IMG Worlds of Adventure. Travel through the five epic zones, full of adventure and fun. Hop on to the fastest action-packed rides, and experience the unbeatable thrill. Meet the dinosaurs, Cartoon Network characters, and MARVEL superheroes. 

There are rides, attractions, and even shopping areas based on these iconic themes. Test your courage with the scary ghosts set against a ghoulish backdrop. Try the crunchy burgers and onion rings, and enjoy relaxed eating at the several on-site eateries. Watch blockbuster movies on the 12-screen NOVO cinema. You can take numerous photos, and record your amazing experience. With high-quality safety and security measures, you can be assured of satisfying enjoyment.

2. Garden Glow Dubai: Witness the extent of human imagination and creativity at Garden Glow Dubai. You will be stupefied by the luminescent garden in the darkness of the night. Again, you will admire the ‘art by day’ concept, and the inspiring edutainment offered to all the guests. Explore the 3D artworks and 25 fun exhibits glowing in the dark. Greet more than 120 animatronic dinosaurs from the pre-historic era. Comfortably tour the world’s largest glow-in-the-dark garden with an entry pass. 

Avail offers access to many notable attractions. Moreover, you can appreciate the optical illusions, Sparkling gardens, Talking trees, stage Shows, street performances, laser light shows, acrobatic shows, illuminated tunnels, and Taste Hotspots. A blend of wildlife, nature, and art will enthrall you. Visit the distinctive eco-friendly Art Park. The handmade lights and recycled luminous fabric used to create such a masterpiece are prominent attractions of this place.

3. Dinosaur Park Dubai: You will be amazed by this uniquely created theme park. It houses models and replicas of the pre-historic dinosaurs and their skeletons. A part of the Garden Glow magical garden, it entices you with the brilliant refulgence. You can learn about the specialties and features of these creatures and their fossils. Again, you can indulge in a real-life experience with the moving and growling dinosaurs. 

Over 100 life-scale size models are adored by young and old alike. You can visit the dedicated museum with interactive displays highlighting the life cycle of the dinosaurs. Along with a visit to the dinosaur park you can tour the art park, glow park, ice park, and magic park. Don’t worry about anytime hunger pangs. There are food vendors and ice cream sellers all over the place. Take photographs everywhere with your friends. You can procure a guided tour with a hotel transfer for a trouble-free experience.

4. Dubai Safari Park: Come with your friends to a marvelous world of wildlife in a well-conceptualized ecosystem at the Dubai Safari Park. Book your package in advance so that you don’t miss exploring over 2500 creatures in their natural habitats, spread over six distinct zones. Modern technologies, like solar energy and water renewable system, are extensively used to promote environmental friendliness. Other highlights of the park are lush green landscapes, and pristine lakes. 

You can also perceive the interactive displays of wild animals, reptiles, insects, and birds. In case of a time crunch, you can take a 45-minute short safari tour. It will be a learning and fun experience at the same time. Take a guided tour for the best results. You can, thus, frame your memories in beautiful captures. Again, you can satiate your hunger at the on-site restaurants and caf├ęs. Parking, prayer or meditation rooms, free wi-fi, and shopping are some facilities you can acquire here.

5. MOTF: When you visit Dubai with your friends you shouldn’t miss the Museum of the Future. You should come here for encouragement, sheer excellence, imagination, and to observe the futuristic concepts. Choose from multiple packages, and witness the blend of past and future. You are allocated a time slot out of the 15 available. Again, you can marvel at the time-traveling place where you can appreciate the 77 m torus-shaped structures with calligraphy panels. 

You will be stunned by the absence of columns inside these shapes. Gape at the possibilities of 2,071 in this visionary museum. You can spend 2 to 3 hours learning about climate change and its impact on human life and nature. Make a wish in the wishing pool, watch a video on Dubai in the future, capture incredible photos from the viewing deck, observe the evaluation of new species in the monitoring room, and navigate the space shuttle simulation.

As you can find, Dubai never falls short of one-of-a-kind places you can visit with your friends. Be it on the mellow sea waters, extensive stretches of sand, tall skyscrapers, gardens, or artificial islands- you can have a gala time. You need to procure a flexible and customizable program to procure optimum satisfaction. Your tour operator will adequately guide you and supply necessary details about the trip. Shop striking knick-knacks from the major tourist points, have thrilling adventures, eat traditional or multi-cuisine delicacies, and even laze around. You can, thus, have a splendid holiday in Dubai with an ideal Dubai tour package.

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