How A Night Nanny Can Fit Into The Affluent Urban Family Life

When you have money, you generally have a nice car and house. To outsiders, it can appear that you have everything. Yet, the truth for many affluent people is that they still work all the hours of the day, they’re just better rewarded than others.

How A Night Nanny Can Fit Into The Affluent Urban Family Life
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In other words, they still face the same issues as other people, they just have more comfortable surroundings. The bottom line is that while affluence may be destroying the planet faster, it doesn’t help people be better parents or even give them the time to be with their families.

But, one thing that money can buy is help. That’s why many affluent couples with new babies are turning to the night nanny agency

What the Night Nanny Agency Does

The night nanny agency supplies a trained and qualified professional to look after children. It’s the same job that a daytime nanny performs but overnight.

Of course, the service isn’t exactly the same, the night nanny doesn’t need to take the baby out, or help them get a good education. Instead, they spend the night in the same bedroom as the baby.

If it cries the night nanny will soothe it, change it if necessary, and even feed it if it's hungry. In short, the night nanny does everything to make sure the baby has a good night and the parents aren’t disturbed.

Why It’s Beneficial

Night nannies take care of a child overnight. That primarily means the parents can sleep soundly through the night. As anyone who has had a child knows, sleeping straight through the night is virtually impossible when you have a baby in the house. 

If you can’t sleep but still have to spend most of your waking hours at work and doing the household chores, looking after a baby can quickly become exhausting. 

This is often compounded by the fact that affluent families generally have babies at an older age. In other words, the parents have less energy to deal with the lack of sleep.

A night nanny allows them to function properly and ensures the time they spend with their baby is high-quality. 

Another benefit of a night nanny is the security and peace of mind it brings to parents. They can rest easy knowing there is a professional in the house to assist with any issues. After all, it can be scary to be a first-time parent, any help that is available is a bonus, even if you have to pay for it.

The Pay

It should be noted that a night nanny is only an option for affluent families. The reason is that night nannies are expensive. Rates can be anything between $20-$100 per hour. When you’re booking for them to stay all night, six or seven nights a week, it’s going to cost you a lot. 

But, for many affluent families, the cost is insignificant compared to the ability to sleep properly for 3-6 months while the baby’s sleep schedule is established. 

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