JAPAN x MALAYSIA Friendship Concert 2022 JACE Japan Arts Culture Entertainment 2022

Toybox Projects, a notorious company that brings out authentic Japanese culture to its audiences, is excited to announce 2 events; Japan x Malaysia Friendship Concert 2022 on 30th October and JACE (Japan Arts, Culture, Entertainment) 2022 event happening on 28th October ~ 13th November 2022.

FEMM, Sakura Band, Far East Mention Mannequins, JAPAN x MALAYSIA Friendship Concert 2022 JACE Japan Arts Culture Entertainment 2022
 JAPAN x MALAYSIA Friendship Concert 2022 JACE Japan Arts Culture Entertainment 2022

JACE (Japan Arts, Culture, Entertainment) 2022

To all Japanese culture fans out there, whether you’re an amateur or a pro, this event is for you. Presented by LaLaport Bukit Bintang City Centre and organised by Toybox Projects, JACE (Japan Arts, Culture, Entertainment) 2022 is an event with this year’s theme being under the pop culture, "HARAJUKU" ❤ KAWAII" will be held from 28th of October 2022 till 13th of November 2022 at LaLaport BBCC.

Throughout the 17 days, visitors will experience bona fide Japanese activities with up-close and authentic experiences of the internationally popular destination HARAJUKU, Tokyo, Japan.

 JAPAN x MALAYSIA Friendship Concert 2022 JACE Japan Arts Culture Entertainment 2022

The highlight of JACE 2022 is the exclusive meet and greet session with the popular Japanese artists; BACK-ON, Centimillimental, and FEMM who will be performing at the JAPAN x MALAYSIA Friendship Concert 2022. Also, a HARAJUKU fashion show run by the professional team is coming from Japan. 

Besides, creators' workshops and activities alongside the booths filled with Japanese products or brands will be brought all the way from Japan just for this event! What's more, the visitors will be able to learn tips of HARAJUKU Fashion, Japanese Lolita Fashion, wearing Yukata in the arrangements of pop culture or in Harajuku style, and learning first-hand from the professional Japanese stylists who work with Japanese artists! Wait, there’s even more! 

Sakura Band

There are fun activities and games which the whole family and friends will be able to enjoy together! Traditional Japanese festival games await you with exciting authentic prizes of Japanese products, kimono fabric painting which you can take it back with you, trying out the authentic Japanese sweets and tea ceremony demonstrations, etc!

Love listening to Japanese songs? A Japanese fashion enthusiast? Join the competition and show your talent to win eye-popping prizes! There are even more activities to be brought to you from Japan. It doesn't stop here.

JAPAN x MALAYSIA Friendship Concert 2022

JAPAN x MALAYSIA Friendship Concert 2022, organised and promoted by Toybox Projects and supported by Tourism Malaysia, is a cross cultural promotional concert with the motto of introducing the various types of artists from both Japan and Malaysia. It is held to commemorate the long-time friendship between Japan and Malaysia. The Vol.1, which was held in 2017, was a success. 

In regards to that success and many requests from the fans, media, artists and music industry professionals for more series of the same concert,Vol 2 is brought back with a different lineup of artists from both countries Japan and Malaysia. The Japanese liners are BACK-ON, Centimillimental, FEMM. 

Floor 88, Estranged, and Sakura Band are Malaysia's liners. The concert will be held at Zepp Kuala Lumpur which is just a block away from LaLaport BBCC! Zepp Kuala Lumpur is a world-class Rock concert hall operated by Zepp Hall Network Inc. Zepp Hall Network is a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment Japan. Other than the one in Kuala Lumpur, there are 8 Zepp halls in Japan, and 1 hall in Taiwan.

BACK-ON is a rock band and is a familiar name to the fans of ACG. They have many song tie-ups with popular anime such as "Gundam", "Initial D", "Fairy Tale" and many more. One of the 2 artists is fluent in English, and the other is fluent in Chinese. They have toured worldwide and are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. Their music and live performances have received worldwide acclaim.

Centimillimental, is a singer songwriter who is a winner of one of the major auditions in Japan and is currently a rising star in Japan, is best known for his songs from the popular anime "Given" and "Bakuten!!". In 2015, out of 5000 contestants, he won the Grand Prix at Inazuma Gate contest under the pseudonym (“Hey, Don’t Forget”). 

Following the success, he made his major debut in 2019 with his single “Kizuato” which is the opening theme song for the anime “Given” with over 26M streams on Spotify making it a smash hit debut and also, he wrote all the band songs for this anime as his writing skills hit the spotlight. Those songs have a total of 140M streams on Spotify. He also writes songs and produce works for other artists such as Sakurazaka46, “Samidareyo”, Hinatazaka46 “Bokunanka” and others.

FEMM, short for "Far East Mention Mannequins" is the first-ever female rap duo with a unique concept of portraying themselves as mannequins. Their upbeat and stylish sound is capturing the attention of Japanese culture fans around the world, especially in western countries. Their fashionable look is also loved by fans of cosplay and Japanese pop culture. Pow!/L.C.S FEMM's major debut and first physical release, was released in February 2016.

Different languages, different melodies, but for the same reason. Come and enjoy the music, dance and have fun on Sunday the 30th of October 2022 at Zepp Kuala Lumpur. Mark your calendar and grab your tickets now! 

Ticket prices are: Rock RM 138 (free standing) / Rock VIP RM188 (Free Standing) with Meet & Greet + Poster + Priority Entry to Hall / Rock VIP A RM188 (Free Standing) with Meet & Greet + Poster + Priority Entry to Hall + Autograph Session / Jazz RM238 (Numbered Seating) / Jazz VIP RM288 (Numbered Seating) with Meet & Greet + Poster / Jazz VIP A RM288 (Numbered Seating) with Meet & Greet + Poster + Autograph Session / Classic RM288 (Numbered Seating) / Classic VIP RM338 (Numbered Seating) with Meet & Greet + Poster / Classic VIP A RM338 (Numbered Seating) with Meet & Greet + Poster + Autograph Session / VVIP Party Box RM 6088 comes with a private room maximum of 10 pax per room with a great view of the stage and benefits of meet & greet, poster and food & beverages. The VIP tickets include meet & greet and poster.  

All prices exclude ticket processing fees and other handling fees. Tickets are on sale beginning 24 September 2022, 3pm at https://ilassotickets.com/ 

Note: VVIP Party Box is limited to only 8 rooms.

*IMPORTANT: Japanese Artists Meet & Greet

Fan Meeting is open to the public and will take place at JACE 2022 at LaLaport BBCC, Main Atrium on 29 October 2022 at 2.30pm. On Saturday 29 October 2022, purchase any artist merchandise to get a solo photo session with them and limited pax only. On the concert day, 30 October 2022 at 10am, there will be a group photo session (only for VIP and VIP A ticket holders) and autograph session (only for VIP A ticket holders) at JACE 2022 at LaLaport BBCC, Main Atrium.

Organiser reserves the rights to alter the terms & conditions and/or the contents without prior notice. Photography or videography are strictly prohibited inside the venue without the permission of the organiser. No outside F&B allowed in the venue. Children aged under 15 years old are advised to be accompanied by the guardian. Organiser reserves the rights to refuse or escort out any personnel with any inappropriate behaviour.

For more information about  JAPAN x MALAYSIA Friendship Concert 2022 JACE (Japan Arts Culture Entertainment) 2022, visit our website www.toyboxprojects.com and event page www.toyboxprojects.com/friendship-2022 or contact info@toyboxprojects.com

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