2022 Luxury Beauty Essentials You Should be Aware Of

It can be challenging to know what trends in the luxury beauty market are worth the investment and what products are more sham than anything else. 

This is because new trends are coming out monthly, as well as ancient practices that are coming around for a second try. So let’s make things easier by sharing all the luxury beauty essentials you need to look at in 2022. 

Tatcha’s Rice Fash Wash

Rice water has been known for giving skin a healthy glow that lasts. Tatcha’s Rice Face Wash is a foaming cleanser that is soft on your skin while also washing away the dirt and debris that the skin collects. Rice water in general is rich in amino acids and antioxidants that help slow down aging. 

Tatcha has been a more recent famous luxury skincare brand. Their claim to fame is bringing together all the senses through product rituals. For example, they like to say that having peace of mind comes with having peaceful skin. 

Gisou Honey Hair Mask

Honey is good for our coffee and teas, skincare routines, and even a nourishing honey hair mask. A honey hair mask can hydrate and strengthen our hair. In addition, it can bring a layer of shine and cure an itchy scalp. 

Luxury brands have also taken a turn to include ethical and environmental policies in their brands. Clients want to pay more to know their products are ethically sourced. 

Gisou is an incredible brand that is starting to enter the luxury market. This is due to their ethical bee farming policies while producing products. This is important at a time when the bee population is dying. 

La Prarie Caviar Nighttime Oil

Caviar just sounds like a luxurious item but little did we know that it can do wonders for our skin overnight. This oil blend's caviar retinol and caviar lipids are meant to help counteract fine lines and signs of aging. It’s also meant to overall boost the skin’s regeneration process and cell turnover. 

La Prarie is a Swiss luxury skincare brand that has collections featuring their all-gold line, their platinum line, and many more high-end products. Something that their fans love is complementary products and one-on-one consultations with their beauticians. This helps narrow down the right product specific to one person. 

Tom Ford Eye Repair Concentrate 

Before thinking about Tom Ford on the red carpet let’s talk about Tom Ford under the eyes. The skin under our eyes is fragile and get’s beat up from the sun quite a bit. This undereye repair cream is lightweight and silky. Rather than sticky and feeling like it may get in your eyes. Its top luxury ingredients include porcelain cacao, vitamin c, caffeine, and hyaluronic acid. 

Tom Ford has been in the luxury and couture market for many many years but most of us think about red carpet designs through clothing and accessories. Sometimes when designers branch into other areas we should proceed with caution but this product is a clear winner. 

Putting Together Your A-Team

Luxury beauty products at the end of the day know how to make us feel good both emotionally and physically. But we also don’t need a 20-step skincare routine with products flowing off the shelves. It’s tempting we know! Having something that addresses each main area such as eyes, hair, and face, is the way to go. 

If a product is natural and can treat multiple areas then it’s even better. Something like honey can be used on the skin and the hair. This not only frees up some space in the bathroom but also limits your research by looking out for harmful chemicals that do more damage than good. 

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So, take a look at these top luxury beauty products for 2022 and give them a try. 

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