5 Habits To Have Healthy and Strong Nails

Your nails speak to the strength and health of your body. They show the quality of your overall health, whether poor or healthy. Nail art is a major staple in society and almost a fashion statement. Therefore, it is important to have strong and healthy nails to feel confident showing off. At Cairns Centeral Nail Salon, we are ready to help you achieve beautiful, strong, and healthy nails. This blog is our recommendation for you to keep healthy nails by following these five habits.

5 Habits To Have Healthy and Strong Nails
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1. Be Gentle to your Nails

To be gentle to your nails, you need to keep them protected. Healthy nails are kept from damage by covering them with a coat of polish, which is thin enough to allow enough oxygen and nutrients to the nail matrix underneath it. But you should reapply the nail polish at least once a week, so the protective layer does not peel off over time.

The following are signs of healthy nails you should try to achieve at all times.

Your nails plates should be pinkish white

Your nails should be almost hard

Your nails start to curl up at the edges

You have a smooth, shiny surface under your nails.

Your nails are shiny but not slippery.

2. Make Health a Priority Over Length

To get strong and healthy nails, you should not focus on how long they are but how strong they are. It is easy to get distracted by those acrylic nails, which are very long and glamorous. However, at the same time will not help your natural nail bed to grow. So you must strengthen them from the nail bed itself.

3. Moisturize

Nails are made of keratin protein, like your hair and skin. It is a strong and resilient material but needs proper care. Moisturizing your nails will help them stay healthy and keep them strong and flexible.

You should also moisturize your hands as part of your daily routine. You can apply moisturizer to your hands and then rub them together to get them moist from the inside out.

4. Do Weekly Manicures

Weekly manicures are an excellent way to help your nails stay strong and healthy. You should remove the dead skin from around your nails each week and then moisturize with good products that work for your skin type. You can also use nail polish remover to remove the old layer of polish and let them breathe.

It is recommendable to get your manicure from a professional manicurist. If you are still concerned about this, you can buy a home manicure kit. With some practice, you can clean your nails at home.

4. Use the Right Nail Polish

You would not want your nails to break down from poor quality nail polish, so be picky when choosing what you apply. Nail polish is made from chemicals and additives, so you must avoid cheap, uncomfortable-looking nail polishes since your nails absorb them. Stick only to high-quality nail polinks.

5. Get a Nail File

A nail file is a valuable tool that every woman should own. You can find them at our beauty store or online. Use it to smooth your nails and as a preventive measure against fungi, bacteria, and other germs on them. Nail files are an excellent way to remove the old layer of polish and prepare your nails for the next color says Chiang Rai Times.

6. Engage in Protein Rich Diets

The more proteins you have in your diet, your nails will be stronger. You need to eat many eggs, chicken, and fish to achieve this goal. Also, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables because they contain vitamins and minerals that promote healthy nails. The result of this is to have strong and healthy nails.

Have a Reputable Professional Nail Salon

You will get the best results for your nails by having a reputable professional nail salon with good quality products and trained manicurists on how to take care of your nails. Finding a salon that aligns with your nail care philosophy and provides the necessary expertise is key to maintaining beautiful, strong nails. Their team has been in this industry for several years, so we know how to make you feel confident about your nails. So visit us and see the value of owning a good quality, healthy nails.

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