Insight of the basics of Bitcoin Wallet!

For keeping physical money, you use a wallet. In the same manner, for storing the digital currency you will require a digital wallet. If you are considering getting into the Bitcoin donation world, it is vital for you to understand about Bitcoin wallet. Along with all these, the knowledge about bitcoin exchange is also very essential. A dependable platform that can be great for your bitcoin exchange is There are numerous such bitcoin exchanges available. However, all of these platforms for bitcoin transactions are not safe.

Insight of the basics of Bitcoin Wallet!
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Bitcoin wallet: What it is?

Bitcoin wallet is the wallet that allows you to store your money. It is just like the physical wallet used by people. The difference between the physical wallet and a bitcoin wallet is that physical wallet stores cards, bills, and other such things apart from money, but a bitcoin wallet stores the private keys of the bitcoin. Normally, the wallets of bitcoin are encrypted through a password to keep the wallet safe from unauthorized access. The bitcoin wallet can only be controlled through the owner of the wallet. It is not shared and distributed just like the blockchain. Best thing is to have a strong password for your wallet to ensure that it is secured from every aspect. It keeps your wallet out of the reach of fraudulent people.

Bitcoin wallet: What are the various kinds of wallets?

Like the physical wallet, cryptocurrency or bitcoin wallet also come in different styles. The following are the various kinds of bitcoin wallets:

Desktop wallet

Desktop wallets are mainly programs which can be downloaded over the computer for storing coins. These wallets can offer additional security, as there is no dependency on thirty-party services for storing coins. However, still, there is a possibility of hacks, as the device is connected through the internet.

Web wallet

Web wallets are the ones that store the coins via a third party online. Any device that allows you to connect to the internet can assist in accessing your coins and carrying out transactions. The web bitcoin wallets help you in storing your coins in one place and carrying out transactions. These wallets are associated with some risks, as they are connected to the internet. The main risk with such kinds of wallets is getting hacked. However, there are rare potential of hacks. Another risk associated with such wallets is exchanges being closed. Many people have been losing many of their wallets and thus, the coins eventually because of the closure of exchange.  

Mobile wallets

Mobile wallets are Mobile wallets the ones that run through applications over tablets, phones, and other such devices.

Paper wallets

The paper wallet is the paper document wherein there is the print of your key in the form of a QR code. The possibility of hacking is nil with this kind of wallet. However, be careful regarding the storage of physical document. Ensure you keep it safely.

Hardware wallet

These are physical devices, for example USB drive, which can be linked to the web. For making transactions through this wallet, the hardware wallet needs to be connected with the web. Internet connectivity will be required for carrying out transactions from your a hardware wallet. These kinds of crypto wallets are called cold wallets or cold storage.

Bitcoin wallet: How to ensure the safety of these wallets?

For protecting from the seed phase being stolen or lost, you need to memorize the seed phrase and keep it in the safe deposit. Keep in mind that an offline or cold wallet is more secure as compared to an online or hot wallet. One thing you can do is store your Bitcoin in varied wallets instead of putting all of them in one kind of wallet.

In the last few years, there have been cases reported about phishing applications that are entirely fake. These applications seem to be just like the famous bitcoin wallets but are fake in reality. Hence, be cautious of such applications.

While selecting a bitcoin wallet, there are a few things you need to consider like the price you are ready to shell out for storage, the security level you are comfortable with, and the amount of responsibility you would like to take for the private keys.

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