How to Choose the Right Lollies for your Event

The time has come for you to host an event, and you’ve had the brilliant idea of going with a theme of lollies. You plan to have lollies that everyone can enjoy, and you’ve already picked the most brilliant lolly shop out there.

How to Choose the Right Lollies for your Event

But now, you have to choose which lollies you’ll have. How are you meant to do so?


The biggest determinant for which lollies you’ll choose for your event is going to have to come down to a theme.

If you’re hosting an event with a crowd that is largely made up of older guests, you will likely want to skew your lollies towards older brands that have been around for several decades and that are more familiar to these sorts of guests.

If you’re going for a sort of event with an extremely colourful theme, you’ll likely want to choose specific lollies from your lolly shop that will emphasize this theme. Alternatively, if you’re going for something more sombre or muted in colours, you should choose the lollies to match.

These are specific examples, but they’re meant to get the brain whirring and inspire you with ideas!


While the theme is the largest factor you must figure out when it comes to choosing your lollies, it’s not the only thing you’ll need to consider.

Especially if it’s going to be a large event with an increased risk of cross-contamination, you might want to err toward the side of caution and only get lollies that are either allergen-free or that are individually wrapped.

This way, if someone puts their grubby hands in the communal lolly bowl, you won’t have to scrub every individual piece of candy clean before the next guest reaches for a treat.

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