Spa Maintenance Made Easy

Having your own pool is every homeowner's dream. However, lots of properties don't have the required space needed to make their dream come true. When this is the case, many opt for a spa, which allows you to have a pool without the trouble of using up too much space. In either case, owners have to keep up with the cleaning and maintenance to ensure clear and clean water throughout the year. It incorporates testing the chemical properties, cleaning the filter, checking the algae levels regularly, and more. 

Below are ways to ensure you always have healthy spa water:

Check the water chemistry

Maintaining the chemistry balance involves testing the water for any improper levels of substances and then making the necessary changes to the pH, calcium hardness, alkalinity, and sanitiser levels. The good news is that kits can enable owners to do this independently. Remember, the pH levels should be consistent or close to the skin's natural pH, around 7- 7.8. What could really go wrong if it was either below or above this level? The water will be too acidic or alkaline and therefore uncomfortable for users. The chemicals' recommended range include; chlorine: 1.0 - 3.0ppm, alkalinity: 80 – 120ppm, and calcium hardness: 150 -250ppm.

With the help of an oxidiser, you will be able to dissolve the organic and inorganic substances, which tend to contaminate your investment. They are made up of make-up, bugs, sweat, and sunscreen. You should oxidise your spa every few weeks if only a few people use it. On the other hand, when it's summer, everyone in the household is trying to get the most out of the beach weather every day, so they should be oxidised more frequently.

Another important element is chlorine which sanitises the water. It is recommended that owners keep track of these tests, and as time goes by, you will notice a pattern in the chemical results, making your work easier.

Clean your spa filter

Is your filter connected to a pressure gauge? If yes, you need to clean the cartridge too. With no gauge, clear your filter more regularly, say at weekly or biweekly intervals, based on the spa's water capacity, size of the filter, and how frequently you like to sunbathe in your backyard. It is vital to note that you should replace filters after twelve months. Usually, we recommend that spa owners change it after 10-15 cleanings because afterwards, you may be dealing with a broken cartridge. Every time you perform your cleaning duty, its fibres loosen up, as its dirt-trapping abilities also deteriorate. For your spa's filtration, make sure that the filters are running for a minimum of four hours a day to promote water quality and cleanliness.

Time for some general cleaning!

Your spa will require efficient cleaning of the waterline, surfaces, and plumbing. It can only be done once drained, which is roughly every 3 to 4 months. However, you shouldn't use any household cleaning solutions. A high-quality cleaning agent will keep phosphates, nitrates, and impurities away, thereby maintaining your water quality.

How about the debris and leaves? Clear debris and dirt by vacuuming the floors and seats using a smaller vacuum made explicitly for them. You will likely find a battery-powered one, but any will work just fine. Also, find a small manual cleaner that will pick up any grains of debris, especially in the corners. Your skimmer net can effortlessly capture floating leaves.

Air out your spa cover

To boost the longevity of your spa cover, remove it twice a week. It's advisable to use the spa cover lifter in the process. The cover should take a break for a few hours, as you shock, and add chemicals to your pool if necessary. Also, be sure to clean and condition the vinyl spa cover as per your manufacturer's recommendations.

Maintaining your spa as required ensures longevity and water quality to avoid any harm that results from contamination and an improper balancing of chemicals in the water. With the guidelines above, you can achieve a clean pool year-round. At the same time, find an ideal spa professional to help with any issues early enough.

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