Why Your Hair Might be Thinning

Hair that is healthy, lustrous, and bouncy contributes to one's appearance, style, and confidence. As per a study, we lose 50 to 100 hair strands per day on average, and anything more than that is cause for concern.

Why Your Hair Might be Thinning
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Hair thinning differs from hair fall, where the latter diminishes the volume of hair on the head, resulting in reduced density and a less attractive appearance.

Unfortunately, it has become a widespread problem among women due to various internal and external factors.

To prevent hair thinning, we need to be aware of the causes that will enable us to prevent it.

Hair wash 

A chemical-free hair loss shampoo can help reduce excessive falling of hair and is a suitable option for treating this common problem.

Specially designed for people with thinning hair or those trying to prevent further hair loss, these shampoos contain natural ingredients and minerals that provide the necessary care that your scalp needs.

A good shampoo for hair loss will typically include vitamins, Beta-Carotene, and Zinc, among other notable ingredients. 

Also, avoid hot water for washing your hair instead; use cold or lukewarm water and refrain from using the conditioner on the scalp; rather, apply it only on your hair for shine and smoothness. 

Hair Massage and treatment 

We tend to overlook taking care of our hair and the scalp resulting in dryness and itchiness that weakens the hair and restricts its growth

Hair can be rejuvenated by improving blood flow to boost recovery and growth by massaging the scalp. In addition, you can use a homemade cold-pressed oil that helps to hydrate the scalp, stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss. 

Here is a recipe you can use: 

2 cups fresh herbs of your choice (rosemary, marigold, chamomile, fennel, etc.),

1 cup carrier oil (coconut, sunflower, or olive),

7 drops chamomile essential oil or rosemary essential oil, 

1 tsp honey.

Place all ingredients in a blender and mix until combined. Store in an airtight jar. Apply generously to hair after every wash and keep it overnight before washing out with lukewarm water.

Healthy Lifestyle

Your unhealthy lifestyle choices deteriorate your mental and physical wellbeing causing long-term unrepairable damage.

A plant-based diet will provide your body with plenty of essential vitamins and minerals, vital for optimal health ─ from your hair to your heart. 

Realize that being healthy doesn't mean you have to run every day or give up meat or sweets. Instead, eat a variety of healthy food that meets the needs of your body type and natural metabolism, including vegetables and fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, herbs, and spices.

Exercise regularly, sleep on time and avoid excessive alcohol or smoking paired with Meditation which plays an integral role in reducing stress and helps in relaxation. 

Hormonal imbalance 

Hormonal imbalances are the most common reason for hair loss in men and women. In fact, women with hormonal hair loss often have an underlying problem with estrogen levels that negatively impact hair growth. 

You should look into buying an FDA-Cleared laser cap, they are all natural with no reported side effects. 

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