Baby Nursery Art Ideas: 9+ Cheap and Easy Baby Room Decor Ideas

Decorating a baby's nursery is a wonderful way to incorporate your special style and personality into the space. You can also decorate a nursery in a fun, functional way. As parents, we like to keep our baby's nursery safe, but even more than that, our goal is that it resembles the welcoming and nurturing environment we're trying to create with our little ones. As you shop around for baby art ideas, you may realize that the cost of some of these things can be a bit insane! Some of the wall art (which most parents purchase first) can be $50+ for just one piece! In this short guide, we want to show you how to incorporate your art into your child's nursery without spending a fortune.

Baby Nursery Art Ideas: 9+ Cheap and Easy Baby Room Decor Ideas
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(1) Painting Baby's Name on Their Wall – This is one of the most affordable ways to decorate your baby's room and has the bonus of being incredibly easy to accomplish. This is also one of the most DIY friendly options on our list and can be done by anyone. It's also a great project with other family members or friends if you have the time!

You can choose to paint your baby's name directly onto the wall or find creative ways to display their name using frames and other items. Selecting the right name to feature can be an art in itself. Choosing a rare baby girl name, for instance, offers a unique identity, setting a child apart from her peers. Such names can become a personalized focal point in room decor, prompting intriguing conversations with visitors. If you're curious about finding such unique names for your little one, you can explore Imagine walking into a nursery and seeing a beautiful name, unfamiliar yet captivating, painted with grace. As the child grows, this distinct name can instill a sense of individuality and pride. Often rooted in cultural or family heritage, these unique names add emotional depth and meaning to the room. In fact, the rarity of the name reduces potential confusion in group settings and can inspire thoughtful, personalized gift-giving.

If you're aiming for a standout feature, why not purchase a large piece of art that highlights the baby's name or a fun saying and hang it above the crib? Personal touches like these can transform the ambiance of a nursery. And the best part? Embracing the DIY spirit in this manner not only adds a personal touch but is also much cheaper than you'd think. After all, who wants the generic feel of a hospital room when you can create a space so intimate and unique at home?

(2) Get Some Wall Letters – Wall letters are super cheap, with most costing around $10 and can be purchased in a huge variety of colours and designs. This makes them a great option for your baby's nursery! You can purchase letters that spell out your baby's name or initials or get creative and make it something else like a nickname or saying they may have. Whether you hang the letters up or lean them against the wall is up to you. By leaning the letters in the corner of the room, you can create the illusion of a display case on the wall. Wall letters can bring something to any nursery decor style. 

(3) Chalkboard Baby Art - Chalkboard paint is ideal for children. You can use it for many different things, including flashcards and signs. They can even be used as a table for an art centre. You can write out directions for your child or list any restrictions on their artwork.

Chalkboard paint can be used on the wall and on furniture, doors, and toys. In addition, you can write messages and use it as a memory board of your baby's artwork.

If your child has special interests, you can list those as well. For example, if your child likes to draw cars, you can write things like "Draw five cars" or "Draw a tree picture."

You could also make an art tree to hang up. Take a small wood piece with a hook attached to one end. Stick the hook into the wall and then hang various pieces of children's artwork from the hook using push-pins. 

(4) Dress Up Your Baby Nursery With Fruit - The fruit and vegetables are perfect for any baby nursery. You can use fruits in so many ways; for instance, you can use a banana as a crib. If you want to decorate your room with fruits and vegetables, you should use flowers and leaves as a frame and attach them to the wall with tape. You can also add other elements to the decoration, such as birds or butterflies.

(5) Use your creativity and make a trendy corner design on your baby's wall. You can easily do this for a few dollars. A gallery of adorable cut-out shapes, such as stars, hearts, circles, and rectangles in pastel tones, can be used with bright colours. Inspiration from the gallery of nursery decor ideas can be accessed from the internet if you need some fresh inspiration. You need to get a few of each shape and stick them on the wall (stick on the wall paint) with a set distance between each shape. Alternatively, you can use stickers to give your baby's room something unique. 

(6) Fabric Wall Hangings – Adding wall hangings to the baby's room can do a lot to spruce up the place quickly. This is because using fabrics in the room can be a quick and easy material for your baby's nursery without having to get any actual artwork done or going out and spending a lot of money on items that will not age well as time goes.

(7) Apply colour to the walls – With everything else in a baby's room, why not make the walls their piece of art? This doesn't have to cost anything if you use leftover paint from other projects. Stencils are wonderful for adding texture and dimension to a child's room. You can stencil words and symbols or even simple geometrical shapes to give them something fun to look at while they are laying down or napping. 

(8) Incorporate family heirlooms – Baby's nursery is a great place to incorporate family heirlooms. It is a great way for your child to know its history, and you will also have more space for other things.

(9) Stick with baby shades - Baby rooms with simple shades of white, grey and even yellow-green are in. The safest ones are the ones with organic patterns like chevrons. You can do many things with it, including using decals on the wall or creating a border around it. You can also paint the wall in a neutral tone and use natural furniture like wood, wool, metal and leather.

(10) Another type of nursery d├ęcor is bedding - The bedding you buy should be comfortable and should go with your nursery's overall theme. For example, the toddler's room might include older stuffed toys and other things. If it is a girl's room, you can also add some flowers in vases, which can be displayed on the walls. This can be made by drawing some outlines on the wall and filling them in using pastels or using decals such as clouds or wooden carved pictures.

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