How To Get Your Boating License In California?

A boating license in California is a boater education certificate that does not expire or require renewal. According to Californian law, all boaters in California must obtain a boating license before hitting the water. If someone boating, fishing, or carrying passengers without a license, then strict actions are taken against them immediately. This is why many fishermen, hunters, and even local tourist guides are attending the boater safety course. If you are also willing to obtain a boating license, then let us tell you that ilearntoboat has an online course to get your California boating license.

Boating License In California

Below are a few simple steps you need to follow to obtain a boating license in California that the government approves. 

Seek Admission in a Boater Safety Course

The first step is to seek admission to any institute or form that offers boater safety courses. Before you apply for admission, do thorough research. Make sure that the institute, as well as the course, is approved by the government and the license that you would obtain is acceptable and authentic. If you don’t have enough time to physically attend the course, then apply for an online boater safety course. Some institutes are offering these courses online, which are equally valuable and effective.

Another great thing is that it is not mandatory to be a resident of California in order to seek admission in the boater safety course. Also, there are no age restrictions for the applicants. Anyone of 16 years or above can apply for the California Boater Card and lawfully work or own a boat. 

Clear the Exam

Once you complete the entire course, you will have to clear a test, similar to clearing a driving test before you officially receive your driving license. In order to clear the test on the first attempt, you need to pay proper attention to this course, its features, and the program; this exam is not to be taken lightly at all. 

Get Your License

If you successfully clear the test on the first attempt, you will receive your verified license very soon. Most probably, you would have to download and print your certificate of completion. Also, upload your certificate of completion on the official government website. Once you do so, soon, you will receive your boating license. 

Go Boating

The moment you receive your license, you can go boating anytime. However, you need to understand that a boater safety course doesn’t guarantee that you won’t face any hurdle while boating. No matter how good or trained you think you are, at times, harsh weather conditions can make your sail very difficult. Hence, avoid being over-confident and carry all the safety equipment in your boat all the time. 

Following these easy steps, you can get your boating license in California. Though clearing the boating test would be challenging, little effort can allow you to boat safely and without any hassle of being caught and fined for the rest of your life.  

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