Turn your Garden into a Perfect Haven

With a little care and attention, even a small garden can be transformed into an impressive outdoor living space. This will make it more pleasant to spend time in, especially during summer. Not only that, it’ll also add markedly to the overall value of the property.

Turn your Garden into a Perfect Haven
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Let’s take a look at how we might get the most out of a small garden.

Add Colour and Light

Bring out your inner green thumb constructing and maintaining some flower beds. Flowers offer an abundance of colours choices and are an easily affordable addition to your outdoor living space. Ornaments can also help you to inject a few colourful accents as well as character and personality into an otherwise muted space. You should also think about how you’re going to get the maximum possible natural light into seating areas as well as avoiding blocking sunlight from your plants . This might involve pruning back shadow-casting trees and other obstacles. 

When you’re selecting colours, all the same colour theory applies outdoors, just as it does indoors. Just make sure that you’ve accounted for all of the browns and greens that naturally arise from the garden.


The great garden furniture does not take up an enormous amount of room. You might even have it custom-built so that it can accommodate you, and be accommodated by the space you’re placing it into. You can add cushions, rattan corner dining set, and other accents to create that all-important air of luxury and comfort. If you want comfort on colder nights, you can add functional pieces like firepits and chimineas.

Create Cosy Hideaways

Often, we venture into the garden when we want to retreat from the pressures of the outside world. If you’re working from home, then this need might be especially pressing. By adding in natural walls and barriers, you can craft an enclosed space. This is where a cordless hedge trimmer can come in extremely handy.

Attract Wildlife

Birds provide a natural source of interest for your garden, and a natural way to deal with tiny pests without having to distribute caustic weedkiller all over your outdoor space. You can easily build your own bird-feeder, or you can buy one ready-made from major DIY stores.

Play around with Proxemics 

Proxemics is a fancy term which concerns the way that we use space, and how much of it we want between ourselves and other people. Since this is your garden, you can design it in such a way to create the right distance between yourself and those around you. Use movable chairs, plant pots, and small trees, to adjust the distances.

Lawn and Grass Maintenance

If you’re not looking after your lawn, then you’re probably not looking after your garden. Make sure that it’s regularly mown and weeded, and that the edges are being properly cared for just like any other lawn care franchises. If your lawn is concentrated in a small area, then dealing with the edges is especially important, as they’ll be more visible than they would be in a larger space.

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