Store Your Skincare Products Properly

Skincare is one of the first conditions in the beauty of every person. Yet, it must be adapted to your age, lifestyle, and above all, skin type. You can find some valuable guidelines on determining your skin type and choosing the best cosmetics at this link. These products can benefit your looks a lot, but if you apply or store it in the wrong way, that can bring more harm than good. 

Store Your Skincare Products Properly

All skincare products have a shelf life. But you can just keep them open on the shelf and expect to be as fresh and efficient until the very end. Instead, you have to take good care of them. Otherwise, sensitive ingredients in cosmetics can be degraded or oxidized. Then the preparations lose their effectiveness and very often can be quite harmful to your skin.

Your cosmetics require specific storage to maintain freshness and effectiveness. Labels should indicate if the creams, balms, tonics, or lotions need special conditions. If there's no such a note, just follow some general storage tips.

Keep Away from the Heat

Proper storage is of utmost importance. The manner of preserving will largely depend on the product's purpose and its consistency. For example, creams and salves should stay in a cool, dry place to remain firm. Once they melt, they use most of their positive features, so don't let that happen.

On the other hand, oils don't have to be in too cold spots, as they can thicken. The heat can turn them bad, too, so choose to keep them only at room temperature. Also, make sure to store oily goods out of direct sunlight, heat conductors, and steam. 

Heat is one of the cosmetics' enemies, but the same goes for moisture. That's why you shouldn't keep these things in the bathroom, kitchen, or any area with steam or frequent temperature changes. That can cause a loss of effectiveness.

Avoid Light Exposure

Keeping beauty products out of the light will maintain their freshness for longer and reduce the chances of bacterial growth. If you don't store them properly, they just won't last. In that case, you might end up with a bunch of spoiled cosmetics and wasted money.

Skincare products should be kept out of direct sunlight or any other light source. That may speed up the degradation process of active ingredients in these goods. So the ideal location for storing your beauty products is a cabinet, a drawer, or closed shelves, as these are dark and have stable temperatures. 

Storing in Fridge

You might think that putting cosmetics in the fridge is the smartest thing you can do, but that's not always the case. Sure, you can keep some products this way, but not all of them. The proper way to keep your skincare products is to follow the manufacturers' instructions. They will certainly highlight if their cosmetics need low storage temperature.

For example, many products intended to nourish delicate areas (like T-zone or under the eyes) work much better if you put them in the refrigerator. The same goes for face masks or facial creams for under-eye bags because the cold improves their effect. It means that a more extended stay at low temperatures doesn't bother them; moreover, it's recommended.

Benefits of Refrigerating Organic Beauty Products

All-natural and organic cosmetics contain fewer chemicals and synthetic preservatives. Instead, they abound in components like acai, beeswax olive oil, green tea, aloe vera, etc. These plant-based ingredients have anti-bacterial properties, which help treat acne and superficial infections. They also help prevent premature wrinkles, dryness, and other skin problems.

All those perks make organic cosmetics a must, especially if synthetic matters cause skin irritation or dehydration. But there's a trick with these products - they need more love than 'regular' cosmetics. First, they are usually costlier. And second, natural and organic skincare goods have a much shorter shelf life.

Refrigeration provides a stable environment for fresh organic skincare products and keeps them safe from temperature changes, moisture, and air. Of course, you can buy specialized fridges for cosmetics (they come in handy if you're a makeup artist). But the one in your kitchen will do the trick, too.

Keep Cosmetics Air-Tight 

As much as your skin needs fresh air, your cosmetics - not. Anything that gets in touch with air will start a process known as oxidation sooner or later. It means faster rotting and spoiling of the content and its active ingredients. 

Of course, you can't avoid air, but you have to find a way to minimize exposure of your precious cosmetics to it. That especially goes for derivatives enriched with vitamin and mineral complexes. So, as soon as you open them, make sure to put the cover back and air-tight it.

Original Package or Not?

The ideal temperature for most skincare goods is around 70F. But, if you live in a warmer climate, you have to make an extra effort to preserve your costly cosmetics. Keep particular attention to products that contain unstable ingredients, such as Vitamin C. 

For example, products originally packed in transparent bottles can be moved to opaque containers. That will preserve prevent bacterial growth and content deterioration. But whenever you can, try to keep cosmetics in original packaging. Reputable brands provide their products with air-proof stuff, like airless pumps or disks. These stop excess air from coming in.

Buy and Use Responsibly

The easiest way to prevent your costly skincare goods from wasting is to ensure they don't expire before the specified dates. So buy only products that you really need. For example, there's no need for dozens of sunscreens as you probably won't use them all at the same time.

Besides proper storage, the usage method matters, too. Some people usually forget about simple steps to keep their beauty products fresh and compelling. For example, always wash your hands before applying your skincare products. Or use a specialized spatula. That way, you won't enter dirt and bacteria inside your cosmetics.

On the source below, find out how to apply your cosmetics: 

Beauty products can do wonders, but they can't last forever. They will begin to diminish in potency when exposed to heat, light, moisture, or air. So a proper environment is essential to preserve the cosmetics' stability, freshness, and positive effects. 

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