6 Reasons Why it is Time to Go Handmade

"Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique." It's funny how sometimes words have the indisputable ability to say everything there is to say about a given topic, and this quote by Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor makes no exception. 

6 Reasons Why it is Time to Go Handmade
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In only one sentence, Mad Men's former star has synthesized what jewelry is about. The keyword is uniqueness because when we wear a jewel, we want to feel different from anyone else. And doing it with flashy and mass-produces items may not be the right way anymore.

Nothing surpasses the charm of a jewel made, down to the smallest detail, without industrial or series processes. Just as nothing can complete the outfit better than a classy personalized jewel, able to give a touch of glamor to the wearer's image.

Among the wide range of possibilities that open up when it comes to these precious items, from those made of gold to those that see the presence of one or more precious stones, jewels made in a workshop by master goldsmiths undoubtedly stand out. Why? Mainly because a handcrafted creation is a unique piece whose value is enriched by the time required for the workmanship and the quality they ensure. But there are other reasons, and we are about to find them out.

No mass production machinery is involved in the process

The phases of creation such as welding, carving and modeling of the piece are carried out without the aid of complex production machinery and with obsessive attention to detail, piece by piece. Choosing jewels made by hand will have less chance of being imperfect or with some defect.

Crafting takes long, and that's a good sign

It may sound odd, but the actual value of handmade jewelry is given by the time spent to craft it. Sometimes, it even takes weeks to go from the moment of conception of the project to the final realization: the secret is in the devotion and attention of those who create them.

Handcrafted jewelry tells a story

Wearing artisanal accessories means being part of the story told by the master goldsmith through his creations. Craftsmen have a very intimate relationship with everything they create and with every stage of the manufacturing process. At the end of the day, you'll be wearing something truly human.

It's all about uniqueness

We already said it, didn't we? Unlike those made in series, handcrafted jewels are a limited edition of a single piece. No "clone" will be found because the creation process is carried out by hand. 

In addition, handmade jewelry means high-quality materials are personally selected by goldsmith masters. The same cannot be said of mass-produced jewels: it is difficult to say which alloys are actually used for their production, just as the exact origin of the stones is not always known.

You are supporting "real" people

Buying handcrafted jewelry means supporting people with whom you establish a relationship of mutual trust. It is challenging to know where the money we spend on mass-produced jewelry ends up. However, this type of problem does not arise for precious items made by artisans: in this case, in fact, you know with certainty who will benefit from your purchase. And most of the time, you'll be helping someone in need.

Prices are fairer

Last but not least, don't forget that handmade jewelry is not affected by any price inflation. With mass-produced jewels, there are several intermediate steps. To the "actual" value of the object, you must also add additional costs related to the supply chain. The same cannot be said about handmade creations: you are sure to pay only for the "real" value when you buy them. 

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