How To Choose The Ideal Cigar Humidor For Your Needs

Cigars are a luxury that many people enjoy. There is nothing quite like sitting down with friends or family, lighting up a cigar, and enjoying the aroma of rich tobacco. Although it is not necessary to have an expensive humidor in order to store cigars, investing in one can make your smoking experience all the more enjoyable. When choosing a humidor there are three main things you should keep in mind: the size, exterior material, and wood type, and humidity control devices. You will find this information useful when narrowing down your search for the perfect humidor! 

How To Choose The Ideal Cigar Humidor For Your Needs
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How Much Do You Smoke?

One of the first things you should consider when looking for a cigar humidor is how frequently you are going to be using it. If you are an everyday smoker, or even a semi-frequent smoker there is no reason not to invest in one of the higher-end products on the market. Top-quality electronic humidifiers will last for many years, and can provide years of use, even if used every day! For buyers that only smoke cigars occasionally or on special occasions then a lower-end product might be more suitable.

How Big Do You Need It?

The next thing to consider when purchasing a humidor is its size. There are two main types of humidors  - small desktop units and large cabinet units. Desktop units typically hold between 50-200 cigars, while the larger cabinet units are designed to hold between 100 to 1000 cigars. Large cabinets are typically more expensive than desktop humidors and will usually have a classy design with glass doors so you can show off your collection.

If you smoke less than 3 – 5 cigars per month then a small desktop unit is most likely sufficient for your needs. If you smoke more than this on a regular basis or anticipate increasing your cigar consumption in the future then it may be worth putting away some cash for a larger cabinet humidor instead of buying several smaller ones throughout the years as your collection grows. 

What Type Of Wood Is The Exterior Made From?

The exterior material and wood type that you choose also depends on how often you are planning to use the humidor. If you are planning on investing in a high-end cabinet humidor then your only choice will be Spanish cedar because this is the best wood for preserving cigars. These cabinets are typically designed to let you display your collection, so you can show off your favorite brands or store different types of cigars within them. There are some great options even if you plan on using a small desktop unit, however! The two main materials for this style of the humidor are American and Spanish cedar.

American cedar has become increasingly popular over the past few years because it is more affordable than its Spanish counterpart. Although it does not preserve cigars as well as Spanish cedar, it still provides adequate protection for most types of cigars, and if you are not using your humidor every day it may be all that you need. These humidors come in a variety of wood types which is another factor to consider when choosing one for yourself! 

Is It A Humidifier Or Hygrometer?

The last thing to consider before investing in a cigar humidor is whether or not it has humidity control devices built into the device itself. There are two main ways that they can be designed; either as an electric device that uses carbon packets to regulate your climate or manually with materials like beads and distilled water. 

If manual bead systems work best for you then make sure to purchase one with Spanish cedar lining inside, since this is the material they prefer. Spanish cedar also has the added benefit of not emitting any particles into the air, so it is better for sensitive individuals as well. 

If you plan on using a hygrometer then make sure that there is a small space between it and your cigars to ensure accurate readings. If you do opt for a humidor with a built-in device then you will need to wait 48 hours before placing your cigars inside in order to activate its humidity controlling properties!

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Choosing the right humidor for your needs can be a daunting task. There are many different factors to consider when deciding which one is best for you and this article has covered three of them-size, exterior material, and humidity control devices. Depending on how often you plan on using it or if you have any sensitivities will help determine what type of humidor is best suited for your lifestyle!

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