HABIB Stands with RIMAU to Save Our Malayan Tigers

HABIB stands behind the Tiger Protection Society, Rimau.NGO, to save our Malayan Tigers by launching a limited-edition Tiger 999 gold wafer coin in conjunction with the Chinese New Year Zodiac, the tiger. As a proud Malaysian brand, the jeweller supports the cause of Rimau.NGO to save the endangered Malayan Tigers and to bring to light the urgency of this matter. 

HABIB Stands with RIMAU to Save Our Malayan Tigers 

Executive Chairman of HABIB Group, Dato’ Sri Meer HABIB stated, “Recently, there has been discussions about poaching on wildlife especially Malayan Tigers and this concerns us. We hope our contribution would aid Rimau.NGO to ramp up their efforts in putting up more rangers and patrollers to keep poaches out and most importantly this initiative will create more awareness to the public and other corporations. We launched this collection to showcase the beauty of this animal and to educate Malaysians about the importance of conserving the tigers. It is important to act now and we believe that Rimau would be the best partner to support this cause as they are fully focused on the conservation of the tigers.”

The Malayan Tiger has always been celebrated as the iconic emblem of the country and for it to go into extinction is a loss to national pride and identity. The President of Rimau.NGO, Lara Ariffin said, “There are only 150 of these endangered species left in our Malaysian jungles. We hope this effort will raise awareness among our community on the importance of protecting and preserving our Malayan tiger’ for the future generation.”   

Inspired by the Chinese New Year Zodiac 2022, the tiger, HABIB came up with an iconic 999 gold wafer coin featuring the Malayan Tiger, wrapped in red and gold packaging to mark the celebration. For more fun and excitement, HABIB also teamed up with Disney to create the Winnie the Pooh and Tigger 999 gold wafer coin. 

From left: Patrick Russell (Rimau Committee Member); Datin Sri Zarida Noordin (Executive Director of Habib Group); Lara Ariffin (President of Rimau); Dato Sri Meer Habib (Executive Chairman of Habib Group); David Hashim (Vice President of Rimau); and Chacko Vadaketh Treasurer or Rimau) 

Executive Director of HABIB Group, Datin Sri Zarida Noordin presented the cheque of RM38,888 to the President of Rimau NGO, Lara Arrifin at the Bangsar Village II showroom. Part of the proceeds of the 999 gold wafer coin collection will be given to Rimau.NGO. 

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  1. We at HABIB are proud to stand with RIMAU in their efforts to save our Malayan tigers. As the only remaining tiger species in Malaysia, these magnificent animals are facing extinction due to habitat loss, poaching, and other human activity.


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