Why Lopi Gas Fireplaces?

Advancing home heating technology offers homeowners a wider range of fireplace options using energy sources like wood, gas, electricity and ethanol. Of the four, wood and gas fireplaces are the most popular types. And while wood heaters still hold a bit of an edge, the gas alternatives are quickly gaining dominance thanks, in large part, to their convenience.

Why Lopi Gas Fireplaces?

Even in the niche world of gas fireplace manufacturers, there is a lot of competition. Fireplace builders are continually coming up with exciting features to enhance their products and draw your attention to them so that your piqued interest will entice you to make a purchase. All this rivalry only benefits you as there is more choice available for your perusal. So what would make a particular brand stand out? If you were in the showroom, what would encourage you to choose a Lopi gas fireplace?

Lopi Gas Fireplaces Feature Natural Draft Direct Vent Technology

The natural Draft Direct Vent Technology describes a specially formulated process where the Lopi fireplace's venting system naturally draws fresh outdoor air into the firebox to encourage better burning. In addition, separate vents draw exhaust air from the box and expel it outside. Thus, all the venting occurs without affecting the room's air quality.

Another significant advantage of the Natural Draft Direct vent Technology is that it does not require any mechanical or electrical input to work. Therefore, its natural operation makes the fireplace quieter and more reliable since you can use it even during a power outage.

They Are Also Fitted with Greensmart® 2 Systems

The GreenSmart® 2 System is a true ingenuity showcase. As a complete entity, it includes components and gestures like Smart Thermostat Mode, a GS2 remote control, Remote Blower Operation, Comfort Control and Accent Lighting. Together, these elements facilitate a more eco-friendly, more innovative, more elegant home heating process.

The Smart Thermostat Mode is tasked with regulating the flame intensity based on the temperature you set to make your fireplace more efficient. This method differs from the conventional way used in other heaters, where maintaining the ideal temperature requires the system to completely extinguish the flame once the desired heat level is attained.

All Models Come with A Clear Fire Safety Screen

Lopi Gas fireplaces are all fitted with a safety screen. It is made of a fine yet strong mesh material. This design is deliberate; it serves both form and function. Hence while it acts as a safety measure, it still affords you a clear, uninterrupted view of the flames.

Linear Fireplace Models Come with Multimedia Options

Without the need for wood to burn, you have to have a suitable replacement to place on the fireplace floor. That is why Lopi linear gas fireplaces all include your choice of glass or rock embers. They act as lighting enhancers where the option is available.

There Are Numerous Fireback Liner Options

Just like the fireplace floor, you don’t have to leave the firebox walls bare and devoid of any character. With Lopi gas fireplaces, you can enhance the fire’s appearance by covering the rear and side walls with a fireback liner. There are a variety of liner options from which you can make a selection and match your room’s decor.

You Can Also Install Your TV

Now, you can also take advantage of the Lopi Coolsmart wall system to make the most of the space above your fireplace by installing a TV without worrying that heat will cause damage. This system allows convective heat to dissipate away from the wall through the front or side of the firebox.

Lopi Gas fireplaces are a testament to their creators' ingenuity and how you can merge technology with function to create home heaters that tick all the best boxes. 

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