Top 5 Reasons to Choose Engineered Wood Flooring

People are no longer satisfied with traditional flooring materials; they want something new and unique in their homes. However, not everyone has the necessary knowledge to make the right choice for themselves. In this article, we will discuss the reasons to choose engineered wood flooring.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Engineered Wood Flooring
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Let's take a look at these reasons

1. Appearance

The main reason why people choose engineered wood flooring is its appearance. They are made from high-quality natural layers glued together under high pressure. Thus resulting in a very dense material that has a beautiful texture and design, which can be anything from manufactured or exotic hardwood species. It is equally possible to get them into different variations like stone/marble.

2. Cost-effective

As compared to other wood floors, engineered wood flooring is cost-effective. These types of floors are designed so that they can be used for various purposes and at the same time they can bear heavy weight. Because of this feature, engineered wood flooring is an inexpensive choice compared to solid wooden floors.

3. Longevity

Once installed, engineered wood floors will retain their beauty and functionality for years with minimal care. Buyers can choose from various styles and finishes, including woods with naturally occurring imperfections such as knots and grain variations that would be impractical or impossible in solid hardwood. Engineered wood floors are more consistent than select-grade hardwoods, which vary depending on the wood used by the manufacturer; they also offer less waste, helping buyers save money on installation costs. 

All these factors make engineered wood flooring an economical option for those who want natural-looking hardwood floors without paying top dollar for them.

4. Style range

Engineered wood floors come in wide-ranging styles. There are uncountable patterns, textures and colors that you can choose from for your wooden flooring needs. You can choose woods that blend with the color palette of the room where it's going to be laid, or you can go ahead and pick a contrasting wood. 

Engineered wood flooring possesses the added advantage of being simple to clean and requiring very little maintenance.

5. Wood species

As mentioned earlier, there is a wide variety of woods used for engineered wood floors. The most popular types of forested trees globally have been utilized as wood for engineered flooring at one point or another. The common woods plied into this flooring technique include oak, maple, poplar and cherry. 

Maple would be a good example as it is available in different color variations such as red/cherry/maple etc. It also comes with several patterns, from straight graining to fiddle backs and quilted maple.

The Bottom Line

Although wood flooring is typically more expensive than other types of flooring options, many benefits make it worth the higher initial investment. Engineered wood flooring, in particular, offers several advantages over solid hardwood due to its construction and ability to resist moisture. Not sure whether wood flooring is the right choice for you? 

Keep reading to learn about the top ten benefits of engineered wood flooring and decide whether it's the right choice for your home.

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