Lost Your Job - Here's How You Can Cope with Emotional Stress?

Since the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic, around 33.5 million citizens of America have filed for unemployment between Mar 2020 and May 2020. The stress of facing a pandemic and job loss has worsened the mental health of millions.

Lost Your Job - Here's How You Can Cope with Emotional Stress?
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Even in normal conditions, a job loss results in an extremely stressful event in one's life. Millions of people are without a job, and the situation of financial recovery is unclear. It is a fact that waiting for a job has extended from weeks to months, which has made conditions for job seekers more struggling.

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Tips to Counter Job Loss Stress

Here are some of the tips to counter such situations and cope up with emotional stress.

1. Do Not Take Job Loss Personal

Even after knowing that you are not the only one, people take job loss too personally. The stress keeps mounting by thinking, “how it could happen to me”? Taking the situation as an event of your life provides you strength to overcome the situation and it will prove to be a stress buster.

It is a truth that we live in a society where our job or nature of work becomes our identity. Switching to an all-new profession will shatter the identity that you have developed in previous years. Losing a job is not restricted to loss of income; it is more than a pause to income flow.

Rather than staying intact, people losing their jobs start blaming themselves, counting the wrongs they did being at their job. Inability to provide financial support and protection to their family during a health crisis adds to their stress.

Remember, you are not alone who face a job loss. Millions of your countrymen are going through a similar phase. To stay strong is the only thing that you can do because the other things happening are not in your control.

2. Give Time to Yourself

Start caring for yourself. It is the first thing experts and counselors agree upon. Caring for yourself mentally and physically is necessary.

Maintain a proper diet with a routine, take adequate sleep, do your regular workout for physical fitness, and protect your mental health. All-in-all you should always care for yourself.

Experts categorize the reactions of people who lost their jobs in three ways. The first one is fight (overworking to get a new job), the second is freeze (getting paralyzed or feeling hopeless), and the third is flight (getting distracted). Notice your immediate reaction to your job loss.

Recognizing the root cause of your stress is necessary so that you can control the situation. Remember, the odd times will pass by, but any damage caused to your mental or physical health will remain forever.

3. Focus on What is Under Your Control

It is better to focus on what is under your control than a complaint about factors you do not control. For example, after losing control over your income, you can control your budget, which is in your hand. Figure out the short-term needs and essentials while cutting all the luxuries and non-essential bills you included in the necessity list till now.

Revive your contacts and see if any of them can help ease your financial stress. Stay focused on job post requirements. Go through classified newspapers, online platforms to know the job vacancies. Familiarize yourself with the unemployment filing process.

4. Meet People

Numerous people facing the challenge of unemployment cover themselves in their houses. They feel that talking to people about their hard days can overburden them during the pandemic. But enduring such conditions alone can make you over-stressed. In addition to it, following the social distancing rule can make you feel more isolated.

Reaching out to people is a way to make things easier and the situation a little lighter. Setting a time to interact with a friend or coworker can help you find peace in your mind. Getting in touch with your professional network on a social media platform can also act as a stress buster.

Remember, it is a mistake to avoid meeting people thinking that they may assume you require financial help from them. Business is not a purpose behind every meeting.

5. Look Ahead

What you want to happen in the future is in your hand up to some extent. Take this time as an opportunity to think about what to do in the future. Most successful people have taken their worst time as a challenge to grow huge in the future.

Although it is never easy to work for future comfort in the middle of such a traumatic phase of life, remember the seeds of opportunity grow in rough fields.

Less on Stress – More on Productivity

Stress kills your thinking and reasoning ability. Do not let emotional stress hamper your productivity. The above information can help to stay intact and cope up with the emotional stress you feel after a job loss. However, when the time is not favorable for anyone, at least stay healthy to support your family physically.

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