What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

Weddings are becoming extremely popular during the winter season and as a result the fashions trends vary drastically from the weddings that occur during the summer months as online wedding websites vary drastically from the offline counterpart.

What to Wear to a Winter Wedding
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Weddings are marked by the fashionable bride and groom as well as the guests that are attending. When the invitation to a winter wedding arrives, guests often wonder what they should wear. 

Check the Invitation

An invitation will indicate the level of formality of a wedding. The day, time and invitation itself can provide excellent clues on how to dress for the event.

The venue will also provide clues on how to dress. Find out where the wedding will be held and look it up online to determine if it is a formal, semi-formal or casual setting.

Is the invitation formal looking, chic or casual? The style of the invitation often times reflects the style of the bride and groom-to-be.

If the invitation itself does not indicate the level of formality reach out to the bride-to-be and ask her personally what the level of dress will be. A phone call is an excellent way to find out the details as well as to congratulate the bride-to-be on her engagement.

Jewel Tone Colors

Think rich ruby red, emerald green, stunning silver and sapphire blue. These colors will compliment and wear well with a white wedding, as well as with a wedding that is set to the beautiful jewel tones associated with the winter holidays. Check out John Medeiros' elegant collection to enhance your look.

Add a jewel tone scarf and bag to a simple outfit to dress it up.

Wear a chunky jewel tone necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings to compliment a little black dress.

When putting hair into an up-do add jewel encrusted pins and hair combs to spice up the look of the entire outfit.

Choose a simple one piece dress or two piece outfit in a bright jeweled tone. Wear minimal jewelry or small earrings to compliment the look.

Jewel tones and colors are a fabulous way to dress up or layer an outfit and work extremely well for winter weddings.

Monochromatic Color with Lots of Texture

Many people enjoy wearing monochromatic colors such as gray, black or cream. The monochromatic look is a classic look and can be extremely appealing on a variety of body shapes.

Choose monochromatic pieces with lots of texture.

Texture creates stylistic and eye catching appeal to the monochromatic look.

Accent the look with a daring shoe such as patent leather peep toe pumps.

Gray, black and cream are traditional colors that have a wide range of appeal. A monochromatic look with lots of bold texture and cadar jewelry will make an outfit pop and create a formal yet fashionable style for any winter wedding.

Weddings are a great opportunity to explore new styles and fashion trends. Don’t be shy, instead stand out from the crowd with a beautiful and fashionable outfit.

Wedding Dress Colors

Today's modern bride is likely to choose a wedding dress in white, especially if she is getting married in the USA or Europe; however, it is only in recent history that white wedding dresses became popular and the traditional wedding dress color, prior to the popularity of the white wedding dress, was in fact blue. Today, a bride may choose a wedding dress in any number of colors. For recommendations on the perfect wedding dress for you, get in touch with the best event and wedding planners in Miami.

The Tradition of the White Wedding Dress

Queen Victoria of England wore a white wedding dress in her 1840 wedding to Prince Albert and is often said to be responsible for the popularity of the white wedding dress today. Brides had not commonly worn white wedding dresses before Queen Victoria popularized the color and influenced the fashion choice of future brides.

Today, a white wedding dress represents purity, innocence and virginity; as a neutral color, a white wedding dress will compliment the majority of choices in wedding flowers, bridesmaid dresses and the groom's attire. However, in many eastern countries, white has the same meaning as black in western countries, representing death.

The Tradition of the Blue Wedding Dress

Today, blue is a color which is associated with calm, tranquility and faithfulness. The color blue is also often associated with water, so a blue wedding dress might be appropriate for a beach or waterside wedding.

Ivory and Pink Wedding Dresses

An ivory wedding dress is closely associated with the white wedding dress and became popular following the fashion for a white wedding dress; an ivory bridal gown is often a choice for second marriages or for those whose complexion is better suited to the color ivory over white.

Pink wedding dresses are rising in popularity today, following the fashion for white and ivory bridal gowns; the color pink represents love, fidelity, innocence and is distinctly feminine. A pink wedding dress is a good choice for those who love to celebrate all that is feminine and pretty! It's sometimes chosen these days for a Valentine's wedding date.

Red and Black Wedding Dresses

However, a red wedding dress can represent passion, love and power; in China, the color red is considered to be good luck and, in India, the color red represents purity. Red is a color choice for a bold bride, and is sometimes chosen for a Christmas wedding date.

In western countries, the color black often symbolizes death; however, the color black can also represent sophistication, class and elegance. The color black can be both sexy and formal and wedding guests often choose to wear the color black. A black wedding dress is certain to make a statement and should only be chosen by a confident bride!

Purple and Green Wedding Dresses

Purple and green wedding dresses were common in medieval times, particularly amongst the wealthy, as the colors represented royalty and power. Today, the color green can represent healing and has close association with the environment, making a green wedding dress an appropriate choice for a wedding in nature; the color purple represents spirituality and creativity.

Things to Consider When Choosing Wedding Dress Color

Apart from traditional and non-traditional meanings of wedding dress colors, there are a few other factors which should be considered when choosing the color of a wedding dress. These include:

bridal bouquet colors and the color of the bridesmaid bouquets

the wedding location

traditional or non-traditional values

the complexion of the bride

the height and weight of the bride

the groom's attire

the bridesmaid dress colors

the color and theme of the wedding reception.

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