Host Christmas Dinner Outside

As the world isn’t free from the shackle of COVID, people still ponder the consequences of gatherings in larger  groups. Navigating the holidays differently doesn’t need to be stressful, in fact starting new traditions is one of the most magical things about this time of year! 

Host Christmas Dinner Outside
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At this time, we get so indulged in planning indoor or outdoor parties, shopping gifts for guests, embellishing our abodes, and preparing the most lip-smacking dinner, we frankly forget to cherish its true vibe! 

\Why not host your Christmas party outside with a cozy fire, warm drinks and magical twinkle lights?Whether you dwell in a colder or humid area, taking your family for an outdoor Christmas will be adding more charm to this Christmas celebration.  

Add those conventional dishes to Christmas’21 menu

Christmas is all about eating delicious dishes and food with traditions behind them.. Keep things simple, take help when guests offer. If someone asks what they can bring, ask them to bring one of their favorite side dishes or desserts. Create a bar off to the side for guests to serve themselves and include a few nibble boards with premade snacks and scatter them in different conversation areas. 

Invite guests as per the size of your backyard 

Gathering of more people do nothing but jeopardize your party! Then you must be wondering how minimal you should stick to while making the guest list. It should be according to the size of your backyard! 

Here, you need to ensure the diverse households are kept approximately 6 feet apart. All you need is to set up table and place chair beforehand, including a cozy and spacious area to serve hot dishes.Strategically place portable heaters or bon fires and piles of small logs so people can stoke the fire themselves. There’s nothing like a cozy fire to gather around.

Plan for adequate lighting

Proper lighting has always been an indispensable part of Christmas. Decorate your outdoor dining table with candles and lanterns. Candles will create a positive vibe and make excellent additions to Christmas centerpieces. Lanterns can be carried to light the path when guests need to use the restroom or move about the yard. Hang Christmas lights on the exterior of your house and on the trees to provide additional festive lighting. 

Hospitality is king

Make sure that all your guests are comfortable. Play christmas jazz in the background, disperse plenty of heaters and make sure to introduce guests who may not know each other. 

At each place setting or gathered in a basket at the entrance, include sachets with hand warmers for guests to grab if the temps are extra chilly. Be sure to have a thermos of hot drinks like hot toddies, apple cider, hot chocolate or mulled wine so guests can warm up with a festive drink. Drape throw blankets over the backs of the chairs so guests stay warm. It’s your hospitality and the company that your guests will be reminiscing about forever!   

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