Top 6 Reasons to Book a Private Jet

Private jets appear to be growing in popularity at a rapid rate. More and more people are steadily gravitating towards the conveniences of luxury travel options. Private jet rental cost is a valid concern, but you may be pleasantly surprised at how affordable private jet services are becoming. If you’re curious about the benefits of private flight, we’ve put together six reasons why private jet travel is definitely worth looking into.

Top 6 Reasons to Book a Private Jet
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Whether it’s leg space or noise levels, private jets offer the highest degree of comfort for any form of air travel. If you dread cramped airline seats or the wail of a restless infant, private jet travel is the perfect alternative to commercial flight. When you fly privately your individual comfort is of paramount importance. Whether you’ve chartered a flight or happen to own your own jet, aircrews will make it their mission to ensure that your experience is as comfortable and peaceful as possible.

Private jets are extremely customisable and, depending on your requirements, these airplanes can be set up to cater for a wide variety of subjective comfort requirements. Fancy a stiff drink to calm some pre-flight jitters? Many private jets come with fully-equipped bars. If you aren’t a drinker, maybe you would enjoy a cigar room or a snooker table? The possibilities are nearly limitless, and it all boils down to what you’re willing to spend to achieve your preferred level of comfort.


Save yourself from the headaches of long queues or crowded waiting areas by treating yourself to a private flight. Booking privately usually means you get a private waiting area, no queues, and plenty of peace and quiet, both before and after your flight. You don’t have to wait for anyone else to board. You are the only priority and no one else’s schedule matters. 

Unlike commercial flights, there are no preferential boarding rituals or exhausting waiting times when you fly privately. There is no anxiety over whether or not you’ll make a connecting flight in time, and no fear of missing your flight either. After all, the plane can’t leave without you. 

There are many added conveniences when choosing private travel over commercial flights. To say that almost every aspect is better is not an exaggeration. With no external schedules to stick to, no crowds to deal with, as well as the aforementioned level of comfort, private jet travel is miles ahead of any experience offered by commercial flight options.

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How many times have you wished for a different seat on commercial flights? Or better yet, how many people have you regretted having to sit next to? If you value space and privacy on your journey, flying privately ensures that you get the privacy you need. In this regard, you can see why celebrities and other prominent public figures prefer private travel. If legions of paparazzi and zealous fans know your flight schedule, chances are you’ll never experience a comfortable level of privacy during your travels.

Private flight isn’t only reserved for those of us who thrive in the limelight. On the contrary, achieving a high degree of privacy is a habit that is rapidly gaining traction in today’s world of mass surveillance and digital tracking. Many people are taking steps to increase their overall privacy protection. The growth of VPN services stands as a testament to this fact. 

Private jets are exactly that - private. It is a method of travel that puts your peace of mind first and foremost. No one else knows your schedule, no one joins you on your flight, and there’s no one waiting for you when you land (unless you want them there, of course). There is simply no better way to travel if privacy is your priority.


Premium levels of service can be hard to find these days. Having a pleasant experience often relies upon the quality of services rendered. If you fly commercially, you’re just another face in a sea of people, a ticket number that gets the same treatment as everyone else. Even if you fly first-class, you still belong to a group of people who are all treated equally by the service staff. 

If you’re looking for something a little more exclusive, private service staff are the ‘be-all end-all’ of customer service experiences. Your comfort, privacy and satisfaction are their chief priorities. Private air services from companies like Private Jet Charter will do their utmost to see to it that your every need is met.

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Despite the fact that flight delays are an issue with any form of air travel, private jets mitigate many of the external factors that cause these delays. For example, commercial flight routes must deal with high levels of air traffic. This traffic can have a knock-on effect when one or more flights are delayed. Private jets on the other hand, do not rely on these pre-set flight paths. Instead, they typically come with a private hangar and a separate take-off/landing strip.

Reliability and punctuality are the key indicators of a premium service. Private jet services take pride in their reputation, to the point where their image is as important as customer experience. What good is any service if word-of-mouth is not treated as a priority? A prestigious reputation must be carefully crafted, which is why private services thrive on producing high-quality experiences for their patrons. Well-trained and experienced staff can make or break a travel experience, so it makes sense that private air companies would do their best to ensure a premium level of service.


Exclusivity comes at a price. Not everyone can afford the benefits of private air travel, but for those of us who have the means to enjoy it, the private flight is worlds apart from any commercial flights currently available. The benefits seem to outweigh the negatives, at least in terms of subjectivity. Ultimately it boils down to a question of affordability because, if given the choice, we’re willing to wager our reputation on the fact that the majority of people would take private jet travel over commercial flight any day.

As far as status symbols go, private jets embody luxury, elegance and quality. The level of service on offer is world-leading in terms of privacy and convenience. As one of the most prestigious forms of travel, private jets are the most reliable, comfortable, and stress-free methods of air transport available today.

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