Your Ultimate Guide on the Early Stages of Pregnancy

The start of a new chapter in your life is here.  You're probably full of excitement and anxiety, and all you want to do is learn everything about the next 9 months of your life. However, how do you best take care of yourself during this time? The best way to approach early pregnancy is to arm yourself with information. This guide will give you all the basics you need to know about taking care of yourself during your early weeks of pregnancy.

Your Ultimate Guide on the Early Stages of Pregnancy
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First Trimester

The first trimester is a time of incredible change for your body. You may experience nausea, fatigue, and mood swings. You might be surprised by how exhausted you feel, even with a full night's sleep. Hormones are wreaking havoc on your body and it is important to take care of yourself throughout this time.

Remember that eating can often worsen nausea in early pregnancy. You may find that certain smells or tastes exacerbate the problem, so try to avoid these. Here are some tips to help you get through this time:

-Eat small, frequent meals. This will help to ease digestion problems and nausea.

-Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and juice.

-Get plenty of rest. Take naps when you can and go to bed early at night.

-Avoid caffeine and alcohol. These substances can aggravate nausea and fatigue.

-Talk to your doctor about any medications you are taking. You may need to make some changes to your dosage or stop taking them altogether.

-Exercise regularly, but don't over do it.

-Ask for help! Let your family and friends know how you're feeling so that they can offer their support.

Some women choose to have an early pregnancy scan during the first trimester. This is a non-invasive test that uses ultrasound waves to create images of the fetus. Early pregnancy scans are typically used to check for abnormalities, but they can also be used to determine the baby's sex. If you are interested in having an early pregnancy scan, speak to your doctor about the risks and benefits.

Second Trimester

The second trimester is an exciting time in which many women begin to show signs of physical changes caused by the growing fetus inside of them! During this period you should also start learning about what to expect during childbirth and what kind of medical care will be available to you before and after the birth of your baby.

Here are a few tips:    

- Find out which doctor or midwife will be attending your birth. Most hospitals have a maternity ward, and your doctor or midwife will have access to this area.  In the event of an emergency, find out which hospital has a maternity ward that is close by.

-If you plan on giving birth at home or in a birthing center then you should start talking to your insurance provider about what kind of coverage they will offer for these types of facilities. Your local Department of Health may be able to help explain the different regulations and licensing requirements for each kind of facility.

-Start investigating child care options before your baby arrives. This way you'll have a list ready when the time comes to start looking for a daycare or babysitter.

Prenatal Vitamins?

One thing you don't need to worry about is what type of prenatal vitamins to take. There is an overwhelming amount of information available regarding the evidence-based benefits of prenatal vitamins in early pregnancy, so let's get right into it!

Prenatal vitamins are supplements containing essential nutrients for both mum and baby which are needed before, during, and after pregnancy for optimal health. Pregnancy is very draining on the vitamin resources of the mother so make sure you keep your vitamin levels high to keep you and your baby in the best possible health.

In Summary

Taking care of yourself during pregnancy is important. Follow these tips and speak to your doctor if you have any questions or concerns. Be sure to take prenatal vitamins to ensure the health of both you and your baby. And lastly, start preparing for childbirth by gathering information from an early pregnancy scan and finding out what kind of medical care will be available to you. Congratulations on your new addition!

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