Tips For Hiring a Good Moving Company

When you’re planning a move, if you decide it’s best to have professionals help you, it can alleviate some of the stress that would otherwise be on your shoulders. At the same time, hiring quality movers is important. You’re entrusting them with a lot of responsibility. 

Tips For Hiring a Good Moving Company
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The following are some tips and things to keep in mind to hire good movers, regardless of your particular budget or needs. 

Try to Find Personal Referrals and Recommendations

Whenever possible, a good starting point to hire movers is to ask for personal referrals or recommendations. Your friends, family, or maybe a real estate agent you worked with may have some ideas about good companies and also companies you should avoid. 

If you can’t find anyone who’s worked with movers lately, then you can start creating a shortlist based on online reviews. 

References or reviews such as atlanta movers will at least help you get started to narrow down the many companies that are out there. 

After you’ve narrowed down your options, check with the Better Business Bureau before you proceed with contacting any of these companies. 

Know What Services You Need

Before you start contacting movers, it’s good to have an idea of the services you’re going to need

For example, you might just need a couple of extra sets of hands to help with the heavy lifting. On the other hand, you might want a full-service company. Full-service movers will pack your stuff, move it, unload it, and often unpack it as well. 

The more services you want or need, the more expensive the movers will be, but it could be worth it to you to save yourself the time and trouble. 

Get Multiple Estimates

Movers will have different ways of charging customers. For example, if you’re moving within the same state, then the movers might charge you based on the number of hours of the job or the weight of what they’re going to be moving. 

If you’re moving out of state, they might charge you based on distance

Get at least three estimates

You should have the companies come to your home to look at what you have, so they’ll be able to give you the most accurate possible estimate. 

You should also ask if the estimates are binding and don’t accept one if the company doesn’t come out to look for themselves. 

If you don’t show a mover everything and they can’t get an accurate estimate together, they might not be able to charge you more the day of, but they can refuse to move anything you didn’t tell them about. 

A good company will typically take an inventory of all of your belongings. They will want to figure out the bulk of everything, and they should check all key storage places like drawers and cupboards. 

Ask About Extra Fees and Go Over the Contract Carefully

There are typically three types of contracts a mover might offer you. Regardless of the type, you should go over it carefully. 

For example, there is a binding estimate. A binding estimate will include a detailed estimate of all costs. You’re then signing a contractor for an exact total amount of the project, and there shouldn’t be any surprises in a binding estimate. What you’re quoted is what you pay. 

The rate that you’re charged on a binding contract will usually be a little higher, but you get peace of mind. 

A non-binding estimate usually means that a moving company won’t and can’t charge more than 10% of the quote, but that does give them room to add additional expenses. 

There are also non-binding to exceed estimate contracts. In this situation, the contract will usually state that you don’t have to cover any additional expenses beyond your quote. 

When comparing quotes and estimates, you want to ensure that you’re making an apples-to-apples comparison. 

Watch for Red Flags

There are a number of red flags you could spot when you’re going to be hiring movers. 

Low-ball estimates are a big one. Don’t choose a moving company solely because they offer you the lowest price. 

Movers might use a low-ball price to lure you in, and then once they have your items in their possession, they could end up charging you a lot more. 

Don’t hire a company if they aren’t licensed and insured, and don’t sign a blank contract. Every single detail needs to be in writing. Any fees should be listed, and your pick-up and delivery dates, as well as all of your belongings, should be listed in the contract. 

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