5 Types of Fireworks You Can Get Online

Amid the multiple celebrations that happen throughout the year, one can almost always depend on fireworks making an appearance. Whether it's a spectacular sky show to celebrate a holiday and ring in a new year or a small, intimate gathering at a backyard party, fireworks instill a sense of awe in the hearts of all of us. They're a good way to entertain your friends and have some fun in an outdoor setting, as long as you're being safe and following your state's applicable laws.

In the absence of a year-round fireworks store, you can purchase them online. There are many desirable aspects to doing so. Not only do you get the opportunity to actually see the fireworks in action via videos, but you also have access to discounts, lots of inventory, different types of fireworks, and much more. Here are five types of fireworks you can buy online. 


Everyone is familiar with sparklers, those little fireworks that shimmer and sparkle with a shower of bright sparks. Sparklers are uniquely developed with a chemical mixture that creates the "sparkling" effect when it burns. Sometimes there are flakes of aluminum, steel, or zinc that create the bright sparks for which sparklers are well known. Others also utilized a combination of oxidation and reduction reactions to produce the smokeless sparklers effectThey can be dangerous if not handled properly, as they can potentially reach high temperatures so follow those safety precautions and don't forget to have fun!

Ground Fireworks

Similar to sparklers and fountains, ground fireworks take the basic idea and amplify it to a certain degree. Ground fireworks begin their effect on the ground and finish it into the air. If you've ever seen those cool little tanks or other uniquely shaped fireworks, those are similar to what one can expect when shooting off a ground firework. Some of the effects include spinning, glowing, rotating, and fire streams, you can visit here for apocalypse wow. They can be a fun addition to a fireworks show and work best when combined with aerials to create a spectacular display.

Roman Candles

The humble Roman candle is one of those fireworks that most of us are familiar with but have probably heard various stories about over the years. But the truth is that a Roman candle is just a one to three foot tube that contains stars or shells that shoot out when a fuse is lit. It makes some spectacular booming, sizzling, whistling sounds while also shooting the fireworks up into the air vast distances.

They're fun and easy to use, making them perfect for the precursor to a major fireworks show or as part of one. You can get some amazing roman candles from reputable shops online, but be sure they are legal to use in your area before you decide to add them to your holiday fireworks festivities.


If you've ever been to an Independence Day celebration, sitting on the grass staring into the sky as the massive fireworks display shoots off one by one then you've seen and experienced aerial fireworks. Lots of different fireworks soar into the air, but aerial cakes are the type of firework that makes patterns in the sky. They do this by incorporating several different colors of exploding shells on a card within the pellet. When it ignites, the explosion creates the desired effect. Ariel fireworks come in a variety of different styles and patterns. They can even make shapes up in the sky. Whether it's a chrysanthemum formation, a spider-like design, or a brocade effect, aerials are sure to make your audience remember the show for a long time to come.


Sometimes, nothing beats the simplicity of a fireworks fountain. These simple fireworks consist of the fountain effect at one of a pressurized tube with a plug at the bottom. When the effect is ignited, the plug creates tremendous pressure that creates that crazy, fountain of sparks that can shoot into the air for quite some time before the effect burns out. Intense pressure inside of the tube caused the fireworks to sizzle and burst forth into a spectacular, fountain-like display.

Fountain fireworks are available online as well and require careful handling for safety reasons. But when you do these right, they can definitely catch the audience's eye at any fireworks display. And if none of the fireworks on this list catch your eye or pique your interest -- or perhaps choosing a few of them simply isn't enough -- you can always get a sampler pack to add as much variety to your fireworks fun as possible.

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