6 Custom T-shirt Printing Designs To Flaunt Your Foodie Vibe

Custom T-shirts have been making waves since the 1950s and have been massively used to launch campaigns, express ideas, scream statements, and serve as an avenue for self-expression. Many custom shirts have become so iconic that they were sought after for collecting purposes. For instance, the shirt with Al Pacino's bruised face from the movie Scarface was made by a famous fashion designer and sells for USD$600 apiece. 

6 Custom T-shirt Printing Designs To Flaunt Your Foodie Vibe

Today, custom T-shirts are still popular and worn by anybody, even the snobbiest Hollywood celebrities and rockstar royalties, as well as prominent social media vloggers. However, even an ordinary person can express statements through their custom shirts. If you're planning to have custom shirts made, check out Meowprint T-shirt printing and other similar printing companies that offer high-quality shirts and affordable custom printing services.

If you're an up-and-coming food vlogger, a new restaurant or food truck owner, or just fascinated with food, here are ways to flaunt your foodie vibe through custom T-shirt printing designs: 

Your Channel Logo

One way to increase the number of your followers is through brand recognition and awareness. If you're a new food vlogger who wants to amass a huge following for your video streaming channel, you may wear a custom shirt with your channel logo. Consider having a food-related tagline in the front and with the words 'Like' and 'Subscribe' to prompt watchers. Seeing this in your 30-minute segment is a sure way to remember your brand. 

Food Emojis

Emojis are characters used to fill in or replace emotional cues in text and online messaging and have been popular with millennials and everybody who uses the internet. Using emojis is a fun way to show off your foodie vibe creatively. The most popular emoji is pizza, followed by a chocolate bar, cookie, burger, ice cream, doughnut, taco, and cheese. There are also fruit and vegetable emojis, but if your favorite food is not in the lineup, you could always have an artist sketch one for you. Emojis are a large part of pop culture, and there's even an animated movie created about it. They are so popular that in 2015, the word of the year was not an actual word but an emoji: the face with tears of joy.  

Funny Food Lines

Humor attracts. Your ability to capture people's attention because of humor is a powerful tool to be seen or heard in the real and virtual world. Humor is a great conversation starter, too. Foodies who take things lightly and inject humor into their brand gain more traction than serious ones. Wear a shirt with a witty food one-liner like ‘Just Chillin'’ with a caricature of a chili replacing the letters in the word chillin'. If you're fond of pickles, a shirt with a print of dill and the statement 'Dill with it' will make people laugh or smile. Be creative as much as you can. There are so many food lines you can whip up related to your food niche.

Play On Words

Pun or play on words has been increasingly popular not just with food but with other categories like music, sports, and entertainment.

Using puns with food is another fun and creative way to express your foodie spirit. Examples include 'Pho-sho' for a Vietnamese food enthusiast, or the wordplay 'Let's taco ’bout it' for a Mexican food enthusiast. There are still so many you could create. The only limit is your imagination and internet connection, no pun intended. 

Food Brand Logos

Suppose you're an avid fan of any food brand, be it a restaurant or any food items. What better way to express that than by wearing the brand logo on your shirt. If you could wear the logo of your favorite bands or TV shows, then your favorite food should not be far behind.

Kawaii Design Food 

Kawaii is the Japanese embodiment of cuteness. It started as a form of rebellion against authorities by Japanese students in the 1960s who didn't want to submit to the mandated academic setup. In the next decades, it evolved as a cute style expressed through handwriting, speech, clothing, and even food. The emergence of Hello Kitty in the 1990s even skyrocketed Kawaii's popularity. Kawaii can now be popularly seen in all areas as it captivates attention, leads conversations, and sparks creativity. Create Kawaii-inspired food symbols and print them on your shirt for an utterly adorable foodie feel. 

The right kind of statement paired with the best eye-catching color and graphics will surely make heads turn. A T-shirt may be plain looking and cheap at first glance, but when printed with a well-thought-out design, it can be a powerful tool to captivate people’s attention. 

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