How To Plan The Proper Funeral To Honor The Soul Of Your Deceased Loved One

In some cases the funeral will be a planned funeral service; one in which the preparations for the funeral are being made while the person is still around. In other cases, it will be on a need-basis in that the person has passed away, and now all the arrangements for the funeral need to be made. In both situations, it can be a very difficult and stressful time especially for those that were close to the person that has passed, and now they bear the responsibility of arranging the funeral. 

How To Plan The Proper Funeral To Honor The Soul Of Your Deceased Loved One
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A funeral service is also often used interchangeably with a cemetery burial but in fact, it is a separate event. The cemetery burial is the final disposition of the body whereas the funeral is the event that brings the people that were close to the deceased together. It is a time where final words are said, final wishes are made, and people seek to give comfort to one another and have their final moments before the body is laid to rest. In this way, a funeral can also be a memorial service and funerals can also be done for those whose bodies are not physically present. Here is what you need to do to carry out a proper funeral.

1.  Making Arrangements

If the person has already passed away then you need to get a death certificate and also manage other legal matters to finalize things for the deceased. Also, you might have to file things to the insurance company, the medical company that was handling the case, or any other related party that might have played a part in any event leading up to the death of the individual and look for funeral caskets for sale within a short period of time. Also, you will have to get in touch with your local authorities to get a space at the cemetery if you are going for a burial or you might want to get a reservation at the cremation house if you're looking to cremate the deceased. Also, if you plan on holding the body a couple of days before the funeral to wait for guests or for any other reason, you should contact a mortuary to make arrangements for the preservation of the body.

2.  The Service

With the arrangements made for the body, it is time to make arrangements for the service itself. The first step should be to send out a notification to all the friends and family about where and when the funeral will be carried out. Some people prefer to have the funeral at home and then only a few individuals actually go for the burial whereas some people prefer to have the funeral carried out near the cemetery and it is followed by the burial. In either case, you will need some arrangements to accommodate the guests such as the seating, the people who will be speaking, the perfect funeral flower arrangement, or things like religious proceedings that you would like to be done at the funeral. Depending on the religion, culture, and personal preferences the funeral can take any shape or form that a person desires and it can be as brief or as long as you prefer. If you have people who have not been able to make it to the event itself it would be a good idea to have some form of webcasting available so that they can partake at least virtually. If you want to have readings and have a large gathering then consider getting a basic mic and some speakers so that everyone is able to hear what is happening in the front.

3.  The Disposition

There are several ways that the deceased person can be disposed of depending on what you prefer. For most people, the traditional way to bid farewell to their loved ones is to either bury them in the ground or to cremate the body and either keep the ashes or dispose of those as well. Recently a few new trends have also emerged such as the green cremation. This is a process similar to standard cremation with the difference being that there is no fire involved. Instead, using a couple of chemicals and water the body goes through a much faster process of decomposition, similar to what it would experience underground, and the result is the same as the ash you would expect from a cremation.

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Different parts of the process can be modified to meet your needs though it is important to consider that you should also look into financing options for the funeral. If your personal savings can cover the cost then that's good, otherwise you can look toward financing, credit cards, or even insurance policies that include the final expenses of a person. Costs for funerals and burials do vary a lot and they largely depend on what the funeral entails.

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