Building Income while Shopping with ConsuMerchant

Finally, I got my hands on this legendary book, “ConsuMerchant” written by Jonaina Nordin, a reputable Social Commerce Entrepreneur. PGMall, the leading homegrown online marketplace in Malaysia has finally unveiled its secret to success with the debut of this book. ConsuMerchant book was officially launched by Dato’ Wira Louis Ng, Founder of PGMall together with Mr Yong Kai Ping, the CEO of SIDEC, Puan Jonaina Nordin, the book author, accompanied by Mr. Jerry Ng, Chief Operating Officer of PGMall at Hilton Kuala Lumpur.

Building Income while Shopping with ConsuMerchant

With the guidance and tips from this book, now many even housewife can build income while shopping with PGMall. This is the power or consumer, social media, and online shopping.

Ranked as the Third Most Visited Online Shopping Platform (by iPrice) among two other foreign-owned brands, with 4.09 million average web visits per month in year 2020 and 7.83 million average web visits per month in year 2021, PGMall remains as the No.1 Local Online Shopping Platform in Malaysia.

Established in 2017, PGMall aspires to bridge homegrown brands to global frontier through its very own unique Sharing Economy business model called ConsuMerchant.

Emphasizes on the ‘Shop, Share, Earn’ philosophy, the ConsuMerchant business model is aimed at creating a healthy and balanced economy business ecosystem by offering everyone an equal opportunity to earn legitimate income and build a permanent business empire with PGMall.

In this “ConsuMerchant” book, Puan Jonaina shares about her experience of discovering a local e-Commerce platform called PGMall that she not only could shop for the things she needs and likes, but she is also rewarded for every purchases she made on this platform.

Puan Jonaina is surprised that she could earn good incomes from just shopping. Apart from the exceptional personal shopping experience, she is also impressed that PGMall offers mind blowing long-term cashback as well as incentives for referring new shoppers onboard. Never had any online shopping platform rewards its shoppers in long term basis, but PGMall does otherwise through their referral and customer loyalty programme.

The ConsuMerchant business model is the brainchild of the brand founder, Dato’ Wira Louis Ng, created to provide an extraordinary trading and shopping experience for merchants and customers, where they could buy and sell, and be rewarded with legitimate returns. This marks the first of its kind ever introduced in the e-Commerce industry.

According to PGMall Founder, Dato’ Wira Louis Ng, “Shoppers are the value creators for the whole economy chain. Based on the law of supply and demand, every goods (supply) must have buyers (demand) in order for goods to be valuable within the economy ecosystem. 

And with the ‘Shop, Share, Earn’ concept under our ConsuMerchant business model, existing shoppers who refer their friends and family onboard, or even other shoppers in general, they will be rewarded through the referral and loyalty programme.

The more shoppers they refer, the more they will earn. Not just that, with the high traffic onboard PGMall, the merchants will inevitably benefit from it too.” Apart from the referral and customer loyalty programme where shoppers enjoy great cashback and incentives, PGMall also hosts many other attractive sales campaigns to benefit shoppers from time to time.

Up next would be the Mega 12.12 e-Commerce Shopping Campaign, where shoppers get to enjoy great savings through discount vouchers offered by sellers onboard as well as government initiatives vouchers such as ‘Belanjanwan’ and ‘Shop Malaysia Online’.

Previously, PGMall had participated in other marketing campaigns too, such as Go e-Commerce, Kempen Beli Barangan Malaysia, Penang e-Bazar to support Penang sellers and the SAVE 2.0 program to encourage public to save energy by using energy savings appliances. 

For more information about the ‘ConsuMerchantbusiness model and how one could maximise on their shopping experience with PGMall, purchase the “ConsuMerchant” book at or visit PGMall Malaysia Facebook and Instagram

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