Top 5 Influential Arab Women for you to Follow

We’re continuously looking for inspiration that goes beyond fashion and beauty. We’re always looking for meaningful stories that will motivate and uplift us. When we think of influential women, we often think of the Kardashians or the fashion industry's elite that have become household names in the West. But, there are plenty of Arab women who are making waves in a new way. They have been making huge impacts in various fields such as beauty, finance, tech, and more. Here is a list of 5 influential Arab women you must follow. 

Eleen Sulaiman (Saudi Arabia)

Eleen Suleiman is a famous Saudi beauty and fashion influencer, born in Saudi Arabia with over 2.1 million followers on Instagram. 

She is one of the most recognized personalities among the millennials of KSA nowadays and a TV host on MBC’s hit program “Yalla Banat” on the Arab world’s leading TV Channel MBC1. 

Eleen is also a very influential social media figure in the GCC in general, known mostly for her fashion, beauty, and lifestyle posts. Eleen’s account is filled with valuable content ranging from fashion and beauty to lifestyle. 

Ingie Chalhoub (Lebanon) 

Regardless of her fashion icon status, Ingie went beyond designing and launching her own line. She also established a conglomerate known as The Etoile Group, which is acknowledged as the leading lifestyle fashion retailer in the region.  

Ingie is a pioneer in the export of western fashion, she is currently the Creative Director of INGIE Paris. 

Fatma Husam (Dubai) 

Fatma Husam, a 26 years old fashion influencer, was born in Dubai. Her journey started when she was still in school and she started wearing modest clothes. 

She believes in supporting local businesses and believes in the power of women to inspire change globally.  

Noor Odeh (Abu Dhabi) 

While Noor Odeh was growing up in Abu Dhabi, she became passionate about fashion. Six years ago, she started posting her daily looks on her private Instagram account for fun. Soon after, she was approached by a brand to work with them and make her account public. 

She is currently on a journey to make a career out of her passion.  

Renee Farah (Lebanon) 

Renee Farah is a Lebanese TV host and producer based in Dubai. Her first job was as a news anchor in Lebanon. 

She is an Instagrammer with a massive following. She regularly posts fashion and beauty tips in addition to entertaining videos. 

With a passion for all things beauty, Renee is known for sharing her love for all things fashion through her social media platforms. 

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