Make Your Kitchen Design Aesthetic and Practical with These 5 Tips

Because your kitchen becomes the setting for the majority of your daily tasks, it must be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you're cooking, tidying, dining, or hosting, the kitchen is supposed to be a place you like spending time in, and mindful kitchen design can help you achieve that. If you're planning a kitchen makeover or creating a new kitchen, these suggestions can help you design a room you'll enjoy. 

Make Your Kitchen Design Aesthetic and Practical with These 5 Tips
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Follow our tips on planning, organizing, and must-have features to create an attractive and functional kitchen design for all of your requirements. 

1. Store Things as You'd Need Them

Consider how and where you regularly use things when arranging a kitchen. Breakfast supplies and dishes should be kept near the breakfast station. For wrapping leftovers, keep wraps and plastic containers in one convenient location near a work area. Place dishware and flatware beside the dishwasher to make unloading easier.

2. Have Spacious Walkways

Make sure you have enough room between the cabinets and the island to move around comfortably. As a general rule, paths in a modern kitchen should be at least 36 inches wide. The cooking zone lanes should be 42 inches wide for a one-cook kitchen and 48 inches wide for a two-cook kitchen. While designing, adjust kitchen islands and peninsulas as needed.

3. Extend Your Cupboards to the Ceiling

Don't squander all that space on the top of your cabinets – it's impossible to clear the dust up there anyway!  Instead, extend the cabinetry to the ceiling or install more cupboards in that location to store extra stuff. This will pull your attention above, providing height to your otherwise little kitchen.

4. Consider the Work Triangle

The flow of your workstation, or as we in the design community like to call it, the work triangle, is something to consider when arranging your kitchen. The distance between your stove, fridge, and basin is known as the work triangle. A decent triangle will result in an effective workflow and allow you to shift between the three most often utilised spots easily. A skewed work triangle will force you to go all over the modern kitchen design to get to the most crucial components. Consider sprinting across the room to drain a boiling pot of noodles. Not very user-friendly.

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5. Lighting is Key

It may appear easy, but having the proper amount of light in your kitchen design is critical. It astounds me how frequently this design feature is neglected!! The following three kinds of lights are recommended in any kitchen 

General Lights -  This is what illuminates the entire room. Recessed pot lights are the finest method to properly distribute light around a space, therefore I typically recommend them for general lighting. With the addition of dimmer switches, they can be quickly dimmed for parties or to set the scene for that romantic meal. Pendant light fixtures over islands and tables are other examples of general lighting, although we like to utilise larger statement pieces that add an elegant element here.

Task Lighting -  It's just what it sounds like—lighting that aids in the performance of specific tasks. For example, under-cabinet lighting or lights above the stove. Shadows from overhead illumination are frequently cast behind the cabinets, making prep work on the countertops difficult, if not impossible. If your finger does not see the blade of the knife approaching! Ouch! 

Lighting for Accents - This is the lighting that isn't strictly essential for functionality but showcases the beautiful design of your kitchen, which you'll want to show off! Accent lights are commonly used in uplighting or lighting in glass cabinets. Under-cabinet lighting is required for jobs, but it may also be used to complement your upper cabinets and worktops tastefully.

If you're someone who loves cooking, you'd agree that having a well-laid-out kitchen design can be incredibly peaceful. With these tips, you can design a kitchen that not only looks good but is also incredibly functional. But, if you're after that professional look, professional interior design firms like Livspace can be your best bet. With firms like Livspace, you get all-around interior design services to give your kitchen or any other room a whole new look! Book a free consultation to know more about their offerings.

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